Shaun White Net Worth, Age, Wife and Career Achievements

Shaun White – Net Worth, Age, Wife and Career Achievements

When Shaun White was only 9 years old, he met one of the greatest professional skateboarders of all time – Tony Hawk, who came to make the sport popular. Somehow, despite their massive age difference, the two became friends and with the help of the legendary skateboarder, Shaun himself became one of the best in the sport of skateboarding and snowboarding, with three Olympic gold medals and massive 10 ESPY awards.

Shaun White Biography: How Old is He? 

The legendary skateboarder and snowboarder of Italian and Irish descent were born on September 3, 1986, in San Diego, California, as Shaun Roger White. He didn’t have it easy in his early years as he was born with a heart defect that required some heart surgery before he was one year old.

He was raised together with his siblings Kari and Jesse White by their parents Cathy and Roger White. He received his education at Carlsbad High School in California.

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At the age of 6, he started snowboarding, getting talent for this sport from his older brother. Less than a year after he started, it was already clear that he was predestined for this sport, because with only a few falls he had almost mastered the sport.

Shaun White Net Worth, Age, Wife and Career Achievements
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By the time Shaun White was 13 years old, he had not only won every amateur event but was also signed to a major brand, which helped him to become a professional in the sport. This was his start to a very successful career.

The nickname “The Flying Tomato” means that White is also an actor and singer. He has made cameo appearances by himself in productions such as Friends with Benefits (2011), the animation American Dad! 2011, and also in Cloud 9 in 2014. He has also had other film offers that he turned down.

As for his music, he is a member of the electro-rock band Bad Things, which was formed in 2012. He is the guitarist of the band. In 2014 he released the album Bad Things with the band.

Career Achievements.

Since his childhood, he started as a skateboarder and snowboarder and became a professional at the age of 17. He started skiing as a child but later turned to snowboard.

Only two years later he participated in his first Olympics at the 2006 Winter Olympics and won gold in the halfpipe. At his second Olympic Games in Vancouver in 2010, White won his second Olympic gold medal but was unable to keep up the feat in the 2014 competition, where he finished fourth. However, he recovered at the 2018 Winter Olympics and won his third gold medal.

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In 2002 he performed at his first Winter X Games and ended up with a silver medal. From 2003 to 2006 he won four gold medals, followed by a silver medal in 2007, then gold medals from 2008 to 2013.

The three-time Olympic snowboarding champion, who has had many more career successes, is preparing for the 2020 Summer X Games and at the same time hopes to defend his winter title in Beijing in 2022. He will be 35 years old by then, but the legend seems to be able to hold on.

Who Is The Wife Of Shaun White?

Shaun White Net Worth, Age, Wife and Career Achievements
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When it comes to the relationship side of his life, Shaun White has managed to maintain a steady relationship for a long time, but he still has to get married. Since 2013 he is dating his girlfriend Sarah Barthel, who is also a singer. She is a member of the American music duo Phantogram, formerly known as Charlie.

Since they’ve been together, the two have stayed together, even though they don’t know each other very well yet. Shaun was slapped in 2016 by Lena Zawaideh, Bad Thing’s drummer, with a lawsuit in which she claims that the skateboarder sexually harassed her. The case was eventually settled out of court in 2017. The skateboarder and Barthel were able to get through it and so far their relationship continues to grow.

Net Worth

White has had a very successful career, he has won all the major competitions. What’s more, he has enjoyed some lucrative endorsement deals with a number of major brands, all of which have helped him make his fortune. Nevertheless, Shaun White has a net worth estimated at $40 million.