Shelby Chesnes Bio, Facts & Family of The Model and Actress

Shelby Chesnes – Bio, Facts & Family of The Model and Actress

Blessed with an incredibly beautiful face and a delicious body shape, Shelby Chesnes is an American model and actress who has become a sensation in social media. She has appeared on the pages of many magazines and is best known for adorning the pages of the world-famous Playboy magazine. In fact, the magazine named her Playmate of the Month July 2012. Her work as a Playboy model has made her well known in the US and abroad and her many fans now follow her every step in social media.

Over the years, she has been able to take her social media to enviable heights. In fact, Playboy Magazine named her a “Social Star” in 2014 for her confident online presence. We have dug up some facts about this beauty for your reading pleasure. Look further to learn more about her.

Who is Shelby Chesnes and How Old is She?

Shelby Chesnes was born on February 14, 1991. The model was born in Jupiter, a city on the southeast coast of Florida, USA, where she grew up with her family. Shelby was reportedly a very active child during her childhood and loved to participate in outdoor activities.

Nothing is known about where she completed her elementary or high school education, but some reports have revealed that she was a cheerleader in high school and received much admiration from her colleagues and co-workers. When she finished high school, she went to Florida Atlantic University where she studied psychology.

Shelby Chesnes Bio, Facts & Family of The Model and Actress
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According to sources, Shelby fell in love with photography when she was very young and loved to pose for pictures. As she got older, she developed a dream of becoming a professional model.

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Family of Shelby Chesnes

The identities of Shelby Chesnes’ parents have not been revealed. However, sources have revealed that she was very close to her mother as a child and is still very close to the older woman. Her mother, who happened to be an amateur photographer, introduced little Shelby to photography and made her fall in love with photography. Shelby usually went with her mother to the beaches of Florida to pose for photos and loved to do so. This was what made her decide to become a model later on.

Not much is known about her father at the moment. It is also not clear if she had any siblings with whom she grew up in Florida.

How tall is Shelby Chesnes?

Shelby Chesnes is a beautiful woman and her many fans love her for that. Some of her male followers on social media have often made advances to her on her Instagram page, reminding her how beautiful she is.

The model is not a tall woman; she stands 3 inches tall at 1.5 meters. In fact, her stature almost killed her modeling ambitions before she finally appeared in Playboy magazine. Shelby is said to weigh around 45 kg or 100 pounds. Her other body measurements were reported as 33 inches (bust), 25 inches (waist), and 35 inches (hips).

Other interesting facts about Shelby Chesnes

How she became a Playboy model.

As we mentioned before, Shelby developed a great love for modeling during her childhood and decided to become a professional model, but due to her size, she found it very difficult to get model gigs. She then went to college to get her degree in psychology.

After graduating high school, she tried modeling again and started getting some modeling opportunities and even modeling for a local sunglass company. She also appeared in some local car ads. However, she wanted much more than that and aspired to become a bigger model.

Shelby Chesnes Bio, Facts & Family of The Model and Actress
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At the age of 20, she uploaded some photos of herself to the Playboy website, showing her interest in modeling for them. Interestingly, after a month she got a call for a test shooting. A few months later the results came out and she was offered a modeling contract with Playboy. She was very enthusiastic about the offer and luckily for her, her mother also gave her her blessing.

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Shelby then appeared on the centerfold of Playboy magazine and was finally voted Playmate of the Month in July 2012. Since she appeared in the magazine, her life has changed as her work has opened up many other opportunities for her. She has since appeared in other magazines and is now popular in social media with nearly 350K followers on Instagram.

She is an entrepreneur.

In addition to her work as a model and social media star, Shelby Chesnes also has an eye for business. According to sources, the model now owns and operates her own spray tanning business. Because of her fame as a model, the company is counting on her popularity to flourish in Florida.

She has appeared in movies

Shelby is an ambitious woman and loves to take opportunities to do something new. That explains why she was trying to make a breakthrough as an actress. The model has starred in several movies like Last Vegas and Horrible Bosses 2.

However, she is still struggling in the film industry and is now looking for more opportunities to work as an actress.

She loves yoga.

As a model, Shelby is very concerned about her health and shape. She works very hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. According to sources she loves yoga very much and does exercises very often. She also considers good food a non-negotiable thing in her life.