Sibel Kekilli Biography, Family Life And Other Interesting Facts
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Over the years, the German film industry has produced several famous and successful actors and actresses, one of whom is our own darling Sibel Kekilli. She is considered an inspiration and role model for many up-and-coming German young people with an interest in acting. She has acted in various television series and films and has received several awards for her hard work and commitment to the career she loves so much.

Kekilli made her acting debut in 2002 when she was discovered by a casting director while shopping in Cologne. She was later invited to audition for a role in the German film Head-On, which she eventually won after outdoing 350 competitors. The film was released two years later and was a huge success, winning several awards at film festivals and earning the actress the Bambi Award 2004 as “best shooting star” for her role of superlatives.

Other movies she has starred in include Fay Grim (2006), Kebab Connection (2004), Winter Journey (2006), Eve Dönüs Esma (2006), The Last Train (2006), When We Leave (2010), and others. Her role as the wife of a man who was unjustly tortured and imprisoned in Eve Dönüs won her the Best Actress award at Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival 2006. Similarly, her role in the film When We Leave (2009) won her the Lola for Best Actress of 2010, and Kekilli played the fictional character Umay, a young Turkish lady who set out from Istanbul on a trip to Berlin to meet her family.

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Sibel Kekilli Biography, Family Life And Other Interesting Facts
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She was also cast as Shae in the American fantasy drama series Game of Throne in 2010 and then had another appearance as an actress in Tatort, a German TV series about police procedures. She left the series in 2017 after appearing in 14 feature-length episodes.

Besides acting, Sibel has a very strong passion for politics. Indeed, she is an activist and an important fighter against violence against women.

Sibel Kekilli Biography

The German actress was born on June 6, 1980, in Heilbronn. She is of Turkish descent, while her nationality is German. Her parents originally came from Turkey, but later, in 1977, moved to Germany. The actress has a twin sister, whose name is not known to the public.

Kekilli completed her high school education with wonderful grades at the age of 16, after which she enrolled and completed a 30-month public administration training program. After completing her studies, she finally worked as an administrative assistant at Heilbronn City Hall. Later she moved to Essen, where she took on various odd jobs. Sibel is said to have worked as a nightclub manager, bouncer, waitress, porn film actress, and cleaning lady. She currently lives in Hamburg, Germany.

Sibel Kekilli Biography, Family Life And Other Interesting Facts
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Family Life Of The Actress

The identity of her parents is not known, and the actress has a twin sister whose name is not known to the public. It is also suspected that the head-on actress is single. She has never been married and it is also not known whether she has a boyfriend or not.

Other Interesting Facts About Sibel Kekilli

1. When Sibel Kekilli started to film again, she was faced with many challenges and had difficulties in overcoming them. This led to her undergoing an appendectomy during the filming in Turkey.

2. In 2004, right after the release of her first film, the actress’s pornographic work was published by the Bild-Zeitung, a popular German tabloid. Horrified and disappointed by the ugly development, Sibel’s parents broke off all contact with her. Nevertheless, the Bild-Zeitung was reviled by the German Press Council for the way she had handled the story. The Council intervened after the actress had raised the alarm in tears during a televised acceptance speech because the “media rape” and the “dirty smear campaign” had been staged against her.

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3. During a program against domestic violence, which took place in Berlin in December 2006, the actress claimed that “violence belongs to the culture of Islam”. Her statement would force the Turkish consul general to leave the room.

4. In an interview with Spiegel magazine in March 2007, Sibel admitted that she does not belong to any religion, although she has respect for all religions.

5. Kekilli was unveiled in May 2015 by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation as “Author of Freedom” in honor of a speech she gave at an event on International Women’s Day at Bellevue Castle in March 2015 on violence against women. The speech brought her praise and a broad media echo in Germany.

6. She is a staunch supporter of Terre des Femmes, a non-profit women’s rights organization founded in Hamburg in 1981. The Berlin-based organization has more than 3,500 members and supporters.