Sibley Scoles Ethnicity, Parents & Net Worth

Sibley Scoles Ethnicity, Parents & Net Worth

Journalism has the task of reporting news and events in different areas of life, and since entertainment is a large part of modern life, there is a need for entertainment journalists. One of the most popular entertainment journalists today is the former correspondent of E! News, Sibley Scoles. She has earned a reputation for her reporting style and the freshness she brings to the coverage of topics and events in the entertainment world.

In addition to her admirable work and career as an entertainment reporter, Sibley Scoles has also turned her attention to music and released a few songs that express her musical talents.

Her background is as fascinating as her career, and we will report on both in more detail below. Read on to learn all about the talented entertainment journalist.

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Sibley Scoles Biography, Ethnicity, And Age

Sibley Scoles was born on December 7, 1987, in La Jolla, Northern California, as one of two daughters of her parents. As a child of parents of different races, Sibley is of mixed ethnicity.

Sibley Scoles Ethnicity, Parents & Net Worth
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As a child, Sibley Scoles had diverse interests including music, sports, and entertainment, and she expressed these interests during her school years, playing basketball and hockey at the high school level. After completing her high school years, Sibley Scoles went to a university in Northern California where she earned a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism.

After completing her academic journey, her desire to spark her musical interest gave birth to the persona Sib Vicious, which she used at the beginning of her music career. She recorded and released a few songs, Rock That Party, Donuts and Tie Me Down, and they became so popular that she earned a tour with Taio Cruz and Van’s Warped.

After a few years as a singer, she began her career as an entertainment journalist and began her role as a host for Revolt News, an entertainment news show for a media company owned by Sean Combs, making her the first female host for Revolt TV.

Since then she has continued to grow as a journalist and after working for Revolt TV for a year, hosting Revolt News and Revolt Live, she hosted 2015 EW/Road to Ether before joining E! in 2016 and working as a correspondent for the media company from 2015 to 2018.

After leaving E!, Sibley Scoles appeared in an episode of the Steve Harvey show Steve and has since been with Access Hollywood, where she continues her work as a host. She has been working in entertainment news media since 2019.

In addition to her work in the entertainment industry, Sibley Scoles has also become a fashion icon and has been the subject of article profiles in magazines such as Forbes.

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Sibley Scoles Net Worth

Sibley Scoles has been in the business for over a decade, as a singer who has toured extensively and as an entertainment journalist who has built a fantastic reputation.

During this long period of her career, Sibley Scoles has earned an estimated net worth of $1 million. Her salary as a reporter, estimated at $111 thousand per year, is considered a significant contribution to her total net worth.

Sibley Scoles Ethnicity, Parents & Net Worth
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Her Parents

Apart from the fact that Sibley Scoles was born of parents of different breeds, there is very little information about her parents. She was raised by them together with a younger sister named Erica, and if you look at her Instagram posts, she has a wonderful relationship with her parents.

Apart from her immediate parents, Sibley Scoles also seems to have a close relationship with her grandmother.

Other Facts About Sibley Scoles

– Sibley Scoles is tall with a height of 1.5 m and a healthy body weight. Her physical appearance is complemented by brown dyed eyes and black natural hair, which she often dyes with platinum or covers with wigs of various styles.

– Sibley has a significant presence in social media with footprints on all three major social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

– She has a strong phobia of spiders and has admitted that she would rather jump off a waterfall than face a spider.