Sofie Dossi Biography, Personal Details and Facts About The American Gymnast
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One look through social media on any given day or week and you’ll inevitably find a viral video of a contestant on one of America’s most popular shows, America’s Got Talent, doing something amazing. The show was home to different kinds of exceptionally talented people from all walks of life, and in 2016 it was Sofie Dossi who wowed both judges and viewers alike with her serpentine skills in the show.

Since then, Sofie Dossi has become a popular internet personality, with millions of fans on various social media platforms, including YouTube and Instagram.

In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Sofie Dossi. Read on to learn more.

Sofie Dossi Biography

On June 21, 2001, Sofie Dossi was born in Cypress, California, as the daughter of the family of Abir and Mike Dossi. One can imagine that at the time of her birth none of her parents expected her to have a career because of the malleability of her body.

Sofie Dossi Biography, Personal Details and Facts About The American Gymnast
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Born as the second child of two, her mother works as a Pilates instructor, while her father is an entrepreneur who has his own company. Through contact with her mother’s work as a Pilates instructor, Sofie Dossi grew up and fell in love with body distorting activities such as dance and gymnastics.

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As she developed in both media, she expanded her skills to the point of contortionism. When she was twelve years old, she fell in love with the work of Cirque du Soleil’s contortionist and pursued a career in that profession.

After self-training and continually improving her skills, Sofie Dossi brought her talents to America’s Got Talent in May 2016 at the age of 15. She participated in the 11th season of the show and made her first appearance in the second round of the audition.

Her first performance consisted of eating an apple and shooting an arrow with her feet, which was met with applause by the judges. Her second performance tipped the scales for the coveted live show, where she won the golden buzzer with another outstanding performance.

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Sofie Dossi reached the semi-finals and the final of the competition, but she did not win but made it into the top ten of the show. It was not a complete disappointment, however, as her appearance on the show made her famous to the world, especially millions of Americans, and she took advantage of the attention by creating her own YouTube channel, Sofie Dossi.

Since the creation of her channel, in which she has uploaded various videos of herself showing various contortionist skills and other content such as vlogging and challenges, she has attracted over 2.7 million subscribers, with over 300 million hits of various videos registered on her channel. She also has a large fan base on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Personal Details

If you have over two million followers and fans on the major social media platforms, you are basically a celebrity, and people, especially celebrity fans, want to know details about your personal life.

In this respect, Sofie Dossi is no exception, and attempts to find out details about her personal life have so far yielded few results. All we know is that Dossi cuts up the appearance of an individual woman, although it has not yet been confirmed.

Apart from her personal relationship with a friend, she has a brother, Zak Dossi, who is also a renowned YouTuber. She grew up with her brother in Cypress, California.

Other Facts About Sofie Dossi, The American Gymnast

  • Sofie Dossi is a beautiful woman and while her attractiveness is without question, it is her body’s ability to perform its various feats that have left many wondering about her physical profile. Sofie’s extremely flexible body has a height of 5 feet and a petit weight of 45kg.
  • Her other body measurements include a bust size of 32 inches, a waist size of 24 inches, and a hip size of 33 inches. Additionally, she has blue-colored eyes and brown hair.
  • Growing up, Sofie Dossi used to watch TV by placing her head on her feet. Some of her favorite TV shows growing up were Tom & Jerry and SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • Other than YouTube, Sofie also has an account on Live. Me, where she streams live performances. She has earned a Streamy Award nomination for the quality of her work on the platform.
  • Sofie Dossi is also an actress as she has appeared in shows like K.C Undercover, Boss Cheer, Bizaardvark, and in the movie, Holiday Spectacular.