Steven Seagal Net Worth, Spouse, Movies And TV Shows

Steven Seagal – Net Worth, Spouse, Movies And TV Shows

Steven Seagal is a renowned American actor who is considered one of the greatest Hollywood action stars of his generation. He has appeared in many feature films and TV series and has often amazed movie lovers with his unique acting style and talent. As a multi-talented actor, Seagal is also active as a screenwriter and producer as well as a martial artist. Over the years, his appearances in various action films have solidified his place as one of the most exciting American movie stars of significance.

The actor is also a musician who plays the guitar very well. He has even released two studio albums. As an actor, Steven Seagal is known for his outstanding performances in many films, including Under Siege, an American action-thriller film in which he portrayed anti-terrorist expert Casey Ryback. He is also known for his work on Fire Down Below, an American action movie in which he played Jack Taggert.

Who is Steven Seagal and How Old is He?

Steven Seagal was born on April 10, 1952. The veteran actor was born in Lansing, a popular town in Michigan, but when he was just five years old, he moved with his parents to Fullerton, California, where he grew up. The actor was born to a father named Samuel Seagal and a mother named Patricia Seagal. His father worked as a high school math teacher and his mother was a medical technician. He has a sister named Brenda Seagal.

Details of where he had his elementary education are quite vague, but we do know that he attended Buena Park High School in Orange County, California. Seagal developed an early interest in martial arts and began training at the age of 7 under the guidance of Fumio Demura, a well-known karate teacher.

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Steven Seagal was later encouraged to visit Japan while working with a friendly old Japanese man in a dojo in Garden Grove, another town in Orange County. He eventually moved to Japan where he continued his training in martial arts. In 1974 he received his first Dan accreditation. For years he refined his skills as a martial artist and finally reached the rank of a 7th Dan in the Japanese martial art Aikido.

In 1983 Steven Seagal returned to the USA with an older student named Haruo Matsuoka. The two men opened an Aikido dojo. First, they founded the dojo in North Hollywood, California, but later they moved it to the city of West Hollywood. Seagal began teaching martial arts to some wealthy clients in Los Angeles and gained some ground in the area. It was during this time that Hollywood power broker Michael Ovitz became aware of him and eventually launched his acting career.

Steven Seagal Movies and TV Shows

Steven Seagal started his acting career in 1988 when he was cast in Above the Law, an American action movie in which he played Nico Toscani. The film was successful and that threw many eyes on him. After that, he starred in other successful movies.

In 1990 he played the leading role as Mason Storm in Hard to Kill, an action thriller movie. In the same year, he starred in Marked for Death, another action movie in which he played John Hatcher. The next year, in 1991, he played the role of Det. Gino Felino in Out for Justice, an action thriller movie. These movies were all box office hits and established him as an action star in America.

In 1992, Steven Seagal starred in one of his most successful movies to date, when he got the role of Casey Ryback in Under Siege, an American action thriller movie. The film became very popular and cemented his place as one of the most entertaining action stars in Hollywood. In 1994 he starred in On Deadly Ground as Forrest Taft.

Seagal had his first appearance in a TV series in 1996 when he was cast in Roseanne. In the same year, he played the role of Lt. Jack Cole in The Glimmer Man. The actor then portrayed Jack Taggert in Fire Down Below, an action movie in 1997.

Over the years, Steven Seagal has appeared in other blockbuster movies and TV series, including Exit Wounds 2001, Half Past Dead 2002, The Foreigner 2003, Into the Sun 2005, The Onion Movie 2008, Driven to Kill 2009, True Justice 2010, Force of Execution 2013, Mercenary: Absolution in 2015, Contract to Kill in 2016, and General Commander in 2019, among many others.

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Meet his Wife

Steven Seagal Net Worth, Spouse, Movies And TV Shows
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Steven Seagal has been married to various women over the years. His first marriage was to a woman named Miyako Fujitani in Japan. Miyako was the daughter of an aikido teacher and she was deeply in love with Seagal. They had a son named Kentaro Seagal, who is now an actor, and a daughter named Ayako Fujitani, who is now also an actress.

Soon Seagal moved back to the United States, leaving Miyako behind in Japan. After that, he started a relationship with Kelly LeBrock, a model and an actress. This led to his divorce from Miyako. In 1984 Seagal married Adrienne La Russa, another actress, but the marriage did not last long.

In early 1987 Seagal renewed his affair with Kelly LeBrock and they welcomed a daughter named Annaliza. He then married her in September of the same year. They welcomed their second child, a son named Dominic in 1990 and another daughter, Arissa in 1993. Citing insurmountable differences, Kelly filed for divorce from Seagal in 1994.

Steven Seagal is now married to a Mongol named Erdenetuya Batsukh. They have a son together, his name is Kunzang.

Steven Seagal Net Worth

There is no doubt that Steven Seagal’s involvement in the making of blockbuster action films has brought in a considerable amount of money over the years. The film star has been involved in so many high-profile projects, thrilling fans with his acting skills, and his incredible work has become a favorite of many movie lovers. He has also directed some projects and set the music of other projects to music, apparently being rewarded for his efforts.

At the moment Steven Seagal’s net worth from various sources is estimated at about 16 million dollars.