Stugotz (Jon Weiner) Biography, Wife – Abby Weiner & Family

Stugotz (Jon Weiner) Biography, Wife – Abby Weiner & Family

Stugotz is very popular for his work as a sports talk radio presenter on ESPN. He is admired for the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz, which he hosts together with sports journalist Dan Le Batard. He has been on the show since 2004 when the show started on radio station WAXY in South Miami.

While his career has brought him into the spotlight, many details about his personal life have been left to speculation. In the following, you will find all the facts you should know about him.

Who is Stugotz (Jon Weiner)?

While he is popular as Stugotz to some and Jon Weiner to others, the media personality was born on July 29, 1972, in the United States as Jonathan Brian Weiner. He grew up in Long Island, Port Washington, New York.

Jon has had an interest in pursuing a career as a radio sports talk show since childhood; this was traced when he listened to Mike and the Mad Dog. He was introduced to sports listening by his father, who always listened to WFAN, the first 24-hour sports radio station. It was there that he first heard Mike and the Mad Dog. He immediately told his father that he would do that.

Stugotz (Jon Weiner) Biography, Wife – Abby Weiner & Family
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In the following years, he kept up his passion so much that he decided to get a degree in English/Communication when he went to Clark University where he graduated in 1995.

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Stugotz not only had a love of sports conversations, but also sports. While still a student, Weiner played lacrosse and was part of the college team. In his first season, he made it into the All-Star Team of the Pilgrim League. He also set and broke several records.

After completing his education, he worked for the New York Rangers and the New York Knicks while interning at Madison Square Garden. He then went to the Miami Marlins and Miami Dolphins, where he continued his internship. There he got the chance to become one of those who started WAXY AM (790 The Ticket) in South Miami.

He later joined ESPN where he made a name for himself as co-host of the morning radio show Weekend Observations along with Mike Golic Jr. He also participated in several other shows and joined Dan Le Batard in 2004 to launch their popular show The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz. In 2019 he joined the STUpodity podcast.

His Family Details

More than anything else, Stugotz is also a family man who puts his wife and children above everything else. In 2012 he has made the covenant with Abby Weiner, with whom he is still together. There is no information about how the two met or how long they were together before they decided to make the covenant.

Jon and Abby have tried as much as possible over the years to keep their family out of public control. The couple is blessed with two children, a son and a daughter who, like their father, also plays lacrosse. Despite his very tight schedule, Weiner still has time to continue coaching his daughter and her team.

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Facts about Stugotz (Jon Weiner)

Stugotz (Jon Weiner) Biography, Wife – Abby Weiner & Family
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1. He was a lover of sports when he was growing up

While growing up in Port Washington, Weiner fell in love with lacrosse, which he described as a sport that was common throughout the city, and therefore almost anyone could play because it was part of the city’s culture. He also played soccer and basketball, although the main sport was lacrosse.

2. Recognitions

His show with Dan Le Batard is one of the best in the radio sports talk show business and has been ranked among the best talk shows in the United States. He was named Best AM Radio Personality 2016 by the Miami New Times.

3. Stugotz Net worth

Weiner has spent more than two decades in the sports television business. Thanks to this time he has risen to fame and fortune. Nevertheless, Stugotz has a net worth estimated at 2 million dollars. He has made his fortune from his career and other things he has been involved with over the years.

4. Stugotz Height

As a good-looking man, Weiner has a good height and physique, which helped him when he used to play basketball and football. However, his exact height and body weight are still not known.