Sunrise Coigney Bio, Family & Facts About Mark Ruffalo’s Wife
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Considering that she has only made a handful of film and television appearances since her debut, it might be inaccurate to say that Sunrise Coigney is known as an actress. Instead, she is popular as the beautiful wife of Mark Ruffalo, one of the world’s greatest movie stars, known for many films, including his work as Bruce Banner, aka The Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Sunrise Coigney has been married to the actor since 2000 and they have stayed together and raised their own family. Although she rarely made the news for her acting work, she was a reliable support for her husband, who is active in many areas in addition to his acting career as a social activist.

Everything you need to know about Sunrise Coigney can be found below. Read on to learn more.

Sunrise Coigney Bio, Family & Facts About Mark Ruffalo’s Wife
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Who is Sunrise Coigney and How Old is She?

Sunrise Coigney, who many would today simply call Sunrise Ruffalo, was born September 17, 1972, in San Francisco, California. Her full birth name is Christina Sunrise Coigney and her only known parent is Joel Coigney. The identity of her mother remains unknown.

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While engagements and interactions with Sunrise Coigney definitely confirm that she is a learned woman, we have no details about her educational history, and as for her professional history, Sunrise is known in the world of acting only in a few movies and television shows.

She made her first appearance in 2001 in an episode of 100 Centre Street as Monica Robinson. In the same year, she appeared in her first film as Michelle in Campfire Stories. Two years after her debut, Sunrise Coigney had another appearance in a film and television show, in an episode of Line of Fire as Brenda Ravelle and in the film In the Cut as Frannie’s Young Mother. Her last appearance in an acting role was in retaliation for her role as Brenda Ravelle in another episode of Line of Fire in 2005.

Whether Sunrise Coigney is pursuing another career besides acting, we don’t know, but she has appeared with her husband on numerous film premieres and award shows.

Family Life – Wife & Kids

Shortly before their first appearance in a Hollywood production, Sunrise Coigney and Mark Ruffalo were married in 2000, and we can’t possibly say how long they’ve been together, but popular belief is that the couple met not in Hollywood but on the street on any given day. They were married on June 11, 2000.

She is known for being a support to her husband, and her support goes back to the days of Mark before he became a movie star – when he worked as a bartender. At that time, Mark Ruffalo considered giving up his dreams to become an actor, but his wife continued to believe in him and encouraged him to stay in the game.

Sunrise Coigney Bio, Family & Facts About Mark Ruffalo’s Wife
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Needless to say, it worked for Mark Ruffalo, and she continues to be a valuable asset in the actor’s life, even as the mother of his three children.

Their first child, a daughter, Keen, was born about a year after their marriage, and the second, Bella Noche, was born in 2005. The couple gave birth to their third child in 2007. They were one of Hollywood’s model couples and currently live a scandal-free life in their New York home where they run a farm.

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Other Facts About Sunrise Coigney

1. Although Sunrise Coigney may be a housewife in the household of the Ruffalo’s, we could not determine her exact net worth. However, she leads a more than comfortable life as her husband Mark has an estimated net worth of $20 million.

2. Her brother-in-law, Scott Ruffalo, was killed in 2008 by two assailants who have not yet been found. Scott was working as a barber at the time of death.

3. Sunrise Coigney is 5’10” and 6 inches tall. She also has a bodyweight of 60 kilos.

4. As an actor, her husband, Mark Ruffalo, who is from Kenosha, Wisconsin, has appeared in over 65 movies and television shows, including appearances in MCU movies such as Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers: Endgame and several others.