Susannah Harker Biography Spouse or Partner, Children and Family

Susannah Harker Biography – Spouse or Partner, Children and Family

Susannah Harker is an English actress who has worked in the film, television, and theatre industry for more than 3 decades. She knew early on that she wanted to be an actress when she grew up and she set her sights on this dream right after her high school days.

She has starred in popular TV series such as House of Cards, Pride and Prejudice, Heat of the Sun, and a host of other roles that have gone right across film and theatre.

Susannah Harker Biography

Susannah Harker was born Susannah Owens on 26 April 1965 in London, England. Her father Richard Owens is an actor, while her mother Polly Adams is an actress; they are devout Catholics. She has a younger sister named Caroline, and another named Nelly.

Susannah received her education in a convent boarding school – run exclusively by the Reverend Sisters in the county of Sussex – and then studied at the Central School of Speech and Drama in North London.

Susannah Harker Biography Spouse or Partner, Children and Family
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She got her first film role in 1985 when she appeared in Burke & Wills and in 1988 she made her television debut with appearances in The Fear and Troubles. Since then she has appeared in more than 30 films, TV shows, and theatre productions.

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Family Information, Spouse and Children

Susannah comes from a long line of show business practitioners. Her great-grandfather Joseph Harker was an artist who specialized in stage design.

Susannah’s father Richard Owens was an actor who appeared in films such as The Mayor of Casterbridge and more recently in The Avengers. Her mother, Polly Adams, was also an actress who appeared in popular television series such as Just William.

Susanna’s parents were her first influencers, who probably encouraged her to pursue an acting career at a very young age.

Susannah Harker’s first and up to now only marriage was with her actor colleague Iain Glen. Glen was born on June 24, 1961, in Edinburgh, Scotland, where he also grew up. Some people will remember him from the “Resident Evil” movies, but certainly, many more people will remember him because he played the role of Ser Jorah Mormont in the HBO fantasy TV series “Game of Thrones”.

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Iain met Susannah on the set of the movie “The Fear”, on which they both worked in 1992. Shortly after they met and became friends they started dating and this culminated in their marriage in 1993. Susannah and Iain had their first child in 1994, a son named Finlay Glen. The couple’s marriage ended abruptly in 2004 when they tried to dissolve their relationship in court and their divorce was finalized that same year.

Although the reasons for their divorce were not easily revealed to the public, Iain seems sad that his marriage ended with her and although he believes they had a history together in the past, he and Susannah did not want things to end badly between them. They have avoided the bitterness and resentment that sometimes accompanies divorce and have agreed to remain very good friends so that they can raise their son together in a very loving environment.

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Susannah worked in a play called “The little black book” in 2003 and during her stay on set she met the very popular actor Paul McGann and they became friends. Paul McGann, is a British film, television, and theatre actor who has starred in many popular films and television series, including “The Monocled Mutineer” (Percy Toplis), “Withnail and I” and most popularly as the 8th reincarnation of Doctor Who in the 1996 British television series “Doctor Who” which was popular worldwide.

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After Susannah formalized her divorce, she and Paul were seen having very intimate dinners and date nights in very exquisite restaurants in the posh areas of London. They were also seen in each other’s company at many events in London. Paparazzi lenses once caught Susannah and Paul in the prestigious Hotel Lucarno in Rome, Italy, and it was reported that they stayed there for the weekend.

At the time Susannah and Paul were seen together, Paul was in an estranged relationship with his 15-year-old wife Annie Milner, who was the mother of their two sons Joseph McGann (born 1998) and Jake McGann (born 1990). Paul and Annie were separated at the time, but neither had initiated divorce proceedings against the other. Susannah and Paul were together for about 2 years, from 2006 to 2008.