Taylor Agost The American Volleyball Player – Height & Family

Taylor Agost The American Volleyball Player – Height & Family

Although volleyball is one of the most popular sports in a global competition like the Olympic Games, the popularity of volleyball still pales in comparisons to other ball sports like soccer and basketball, especially in the United States. Nevertheless, the sport has a number of personalities to look upon as the face of the sport, one of whom is Taylor Agost.

Taylor Agost has been playing the sport since her high school days, and although she has played alongside many who saw it simply as a fulfillment of their school athletic needs, she has made a career out of it, playing all the way through college and as a professional for a club.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about her and her career to date.

Taylor Agost Biography

The life of Taylor Agost began on May 31, 1996, in Happy Valley, Clackamas County, Oregon, after he was born the son of parents Brett Agost and Dalene Agost. Her high school education began at Clackamas High School, where she began her life as a volleyball player. She played the game at a level that earned her personal awards such as the name Volleyball Senior Ace.

Taylor Agost The American Volleyball Player – Height & Family
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As a member of the team, she was an outstanding part of the championship team in both the junior and senior leagues in the Three Rivers League, and her high school team also participated in the 6A OSAA tournament, finishing third and fourth respectively.

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After finishing high school, Taylor Agost went to the University of Oregon, where she became a member of the school’s volleyball team called “The Ducks.

Parallel to her college volleyball career, Taylor Agost studied to become a primary school teacher. Her college career was a mixture of accomplishments and stories as she struggled with injuries and bad runs, but she did enough to earn awards such as being named to the AVCA All-Region and All-Pac-12 teams. Her greatest honor came in her last college season as a senior player when she earned a spot on the All-Pac-12 and AVCA All-American teams, as well as the All-American team’s PrepVolleyball runner-up.

Her college career could have meant the end of an exciting life as a volleyball player, but Taylor Agost, who had a bachelor’s degree in her pocket, continued her volleyball career and signed with the Ladies in Black Aachen, a volleyball team in Germany.

She became a professional volleyball player in June 2018 and has since taken her team to the semi-finals of the DVV Cup and the playoffs. She also helped her team in the Challenge Cup.

Taylor Agost wears the number 4 jersey for her team and it remains to be seen how far she will go with her team, but right now Taylor Agost is enjoying every part of her career as a volleyball player, as you can see on her social media pages on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Taylor Agost’s Family Members

A look at her social media pages also shows that Taylor Agost maintains a close relationship with her family members, especially her parents Brett and Dalene Agost.

Taylor Agost The American Volleyball Player – Height & Family
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Although they are prominently featured on her pages, we know very little about them, other than the fact that they have raised and supported her as a remarkable athlete and woman.

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What is Taylor Agost Height

In the world of sports, the physical profile is an important factor, especially in volleyball where height is of paramount importance. Fortunately, Taylor Agost is not lacking in height, as she is 1.80 m and 2.40 m tall.

Her body weight is unknown, but she keeps a healthy and fit body. She also has a spike height (how high a player can jump to hit the ball) of 10 feet.

She also has other noticeable body characteristics such as blonde hair and brown eyes.

Other Facts About Taylor Agost

For those interested, Taylor Agost is currently a single woman, at least according to publicly available evidence. The volleyball player is currently focusing on her career.

When she is not on the field and hits the ball with force, Taylor Agost likes to travel with her family members.

In the 2017 NCAA final, Taylor Agost, along with three other players, sang the US national anthem in a memorable way.

Taylor Agost’s early interest in sports could have taken her in any direction, but her preference for team sports over individual sports led her to volleyball.