Terann Hilow Biography: Everything You Need To Know

Terann Hilow Biography: Everything You Need To Know

You are probably wondering where you first heard the name Terann Hilow and what made it really popular. Well, in case you have forgotten, let me refresh your memory a little. Hilow was this steaming hot Houston Astros fan, or should I say superfan? who took one look at Astro’s game in August 2016 when she showed up at Minute Maid Park in a child-sized Astros shirt in August 2016.

She got all the excitement and attention she wanted for this unique performance, as it gained fame and became popular overnight. But how did she get to this point? What was she known for before her overnight fame? You will find all the answers you need to know as you read on.

Terann Hilow Brief Biography

Hilow was born on May 11, 1989, in Houston, Texas. Terann is not an only child, she has an older brother who, like Terann, was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Although there is not much information on the Internet about her parents or what her early life was like in Houston, Terann Hilow is said to have participated in Rockets games with her family during her childhood.

Information about her educational background is not available. Before her fame in social media, Hilow worked in a law firm and models for fun on the side.

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Terann Hilow Biography: Everything You Need To Know
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Everything You Need To Know About Her Rise To Fame

Terann Hilow has been a loyal fan of the Houston Astros for so long, and on that fateful day in August 2016, she came to Minute Maid Park to cheer on her favorite baseball team game against the Toronto Blue Jays.

Although Hilow came to cheer her team on to victory, she also came prepared to steal the show and get all the attention she needed, and believe it or not, she got it. Right behind home plate (close enough for the cameras to catch her) sat the hot model, dressed in a homemade orange Astros crop top (child size), blue jeans shorts, Converse sneakers, and her team’s cap to complete the outfit.

Terann became the center of attention after the cameras caught her in a position where she seemed to be praying for her team and became an Internet sensation after a viewer noticed her and sent a tweet asking if anyone else had noticed the girl sitting behind home plate at the Jays and Astros game with the hashtag #jays #astros game. Another viewer responded with another tweet, joking that Hilow had distracted her team, possibly leading to their 2-1 defeat by the Blue Jays.

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A Blue Jays fan sent out a tweet suggesting that the TV crew was paying too much attention to the young Houston model, but that was too late now, as it was only a few minutes before pictures were online everywhere and everyone wanted to know who the hot chick was.

Terann Hilow Biography: Everything You Need To Know
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Her Instagram page was literally on fire when people came to get a glimpse of the young model. As mentioned before, the young model went prepared and ready to play to get all the attention she wanted and to announce herself and her modeling skills. This became clear in the photos on her page. Among the many photos on her site were those where she wore the different colors of her teams’ jerseys and one where she posed in a bikini on a big baseball before the Minute Maid Park earlier this month.

Hilow responded to her newfound fame in social media while she was still in the park by showing some pictures of herself during the game, one of them with captions: “I tried to distract the Blue Jays Y’all.

Within a few weeks, she accumulated over 50,000 Instagram followers, and the numbers have grown over time. Her outfit went so far over the Internet that she later revealed that professional athletes from all walks of life began to slip into her DMs,

Terann later told the Houston Chronicle how long it took her to put together the costume that attracted attention in the first place.

Hilow, who has a YouTube channel, Instagram, and a Twitter page to keep fans up to date on what she’s up to, and you could check her out as well.