The Untold Truth Of What Happened To Artie Lange Nose

The Untold Truth Of What Happened To Artie Lange Nose

In the early days of his career, Artie Lange became known for his role on Mad TV and as Howard Stern’s sidekick on his various radio shows between 2001 and 2009. Recently, however, the comedian has been best known for drug abuse, which has had various effects on Artie Lange’s life and is best embodied in his deformed nose.

For those who have followed the comedian since his arrival on stage in the early 1990s, the gradual deformation of his nose is an interesting journey, as is his career itself. We will tell the story of how this happened in the following article. Take a look at this.

What Happened to Artie Lange’s Nose?

To understand what happened to Artie Lange’s nose, you first need to know the journey that led to the comedian’s flattened nose, who was born in New Jersey.

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Artie began using drugs in the 1980s, in the early days of his career as a comedian when he made the transition from stand-up comedy to working as a narrator and actor and appearing in commercials. During this time he developed a dependency on cocaine and alcohol that lasted for more than three decades, which led him into and out of rehab.

The Untold Truth Of What Happened To Artie Lange Nose
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Heroin Battle

Artie Lange expanded his list of already dangerous drug addiction with heroin, and in July 2017 this led to a breakdown on stage during a stand-up performance that forced emergency heart surgery.

After surgery, Artie Lange admitted that his heroin abuse was the cause of the collapse because he had a hole in his nose that ended up in his chest. He followed up the admission with the promise to sober up and keep his nose clean.

Prior to the July incident, Artie Lange had been involved in a legal incident in May 2017 when he was arrested in Bloomfield, Garden State Parkway, for possession of 81 decks of heroin. The comedian was subsequently sentenced to four years probation in June 2017.

The Final Blow was Glass

Despite the promise to stay sober, Artie Lange was unable to keep his promise, and by December 2017 fans were already starting to notice the changes on his nose. They began to look bigger and bigger.

Artie Lange admitted in 2018 that the now obvious deformation of his nose was due to accidentally snorting glass along with an Oxycontin line, which in 2017 caused irreparable damage to the nasal septum.

As Artie Lange himself reports, one of his girlfriends visited him in Boston while he was performing in town, and they went on tour together.

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During their time together in St. Louis, they stayed at the Four Seasons, and while he was in the shower, the nameless woman unwittingly left shards of glass from the salt shaker she used to cut up oxycontin, which Artie Lange had accidentally snorted into after he got out of the shower.

The Untold Truth Of What Happened To Artie Lange Nose

When he confessed in December 2018, Artie Lange was still an active drug user, and in the same month, he tested positive for a range of drugs from suboxone to amphetamine to cocaine, although he had prescriptions for every drug except cocaine.

He Was Forced Back Into Rehab Again

Despite the incident that led to the disfigurement of his nose, Artie Lange continued to use drugs and after failing a drug test in December 2018, he had to return to rehab for treatment.

In January 2019, he was admitted to a rehab clinic where he worked as a garbage collector in fulfillment of court-ordered community service.

In May 2019, he was arrested again for not meeting the conditions of his probation program. He spent 21 days in prison and was released to participate in another rehabilitation program.

According to an announcement by the comedian himself, his recent rehabilitation treatment has proven to be effective and he has remained sober for more than seven months.

Since Artie Lange declared his sobriety, he has returned to his career as a stand-up comedian and has published his fourth memoir, Rippin’ & Runnin’: Life on the Drug Yard. The memoirs were written while he was in rehab.