Tia Torres Family, Husband – Aren Marcus Jackson & Kids

Tia Torres Family, Husband - Aren Marcus Jackson & Kids

The animal-loving Tia Torres became famous because she did what she loved the most. Once a young girl from a broken home, desperately searching for true love, Torres has since transformed herself into a successful businesswoman and a reality TV star. Today she is known for running one of the largest dog shelters in the country. Like man’s best friend, Tia seems to have learned some virtues from her pets and shown remarkable loyalty in her marriage. Learn less known facts about the star of Pit Bulls & Parolees.

Who is Tia Torres?

Tia Maria Torres was welcomed to the world on June 11, 1960. Details of her birthplace have not been released, but she was raised in a broken home in Southern California by her stepmother. Other than the fact that Torres had a troubled childhood, nothing else is known about her biological parents and the circumstances of their marriage.

Tia’s love for animals grew out of a deep longing to have a loving family as she grew up. Thus, as a young girl, she found support in caring for stray animals. Fortunately, her stepmother was also an animal lover and supported her new “family recruitment”. Although Tia grew up without a father figure in her life, she credits her stepmother for instilling the necessary virtues in her.

Tia Torres – Family, Husband (Aren Marcus Jackson) & Kids
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There is no record of Tia Torres’ educational background, and it is uncertain whether she had the traditional basic education. With the attitude of dedicating her life to helping endangered animals, Torres decided to leave home as a teenager, accompanied by her new family of animals, including dogs, goats, and horses.

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But after that, life for Tia and her pets did not go as expected. On the contrary, it was far from the dream adventure, as they usually had a hard time keeping their heads above water. Later she joined the US Army where she worked as a truck driver. After her time in the military, she focused on helping people in trouble, including probation officers, and worked as a consultant in Los Angeles.

Tia Torres’ passion for animals was rekindled after she met a female pitbull at an animal shelter and fell head over heels in love with him. She did not hesitate to adopt the adorable dog Tatanka. It was Tatanka that inspired Tia Torres to eventually found the Villalobos Rescue Center, now known as the largest pit bull shelter in the country. The Rescue Center was originally opened in California and became popular in 1999 after a merger with LA City Animal Services to form The Pit Bull Support Group, which offered a range of related dog-related services.

During this time, Tia Torres attracted the attention of reality TV producers. Although she initially turned down several offers from various production companies, Torres later accepted the offer of the popular Pit Bulls & Parolee show. Animal Planet fans may recognize her from the 2009 reality TV series. Tia then moved the rescue center to New Orleans, Louisiana.

Family Details: Meet Her Husband – Aren Marcus Jackson

Tia Maria Torres is married to her long-time crush of Aren Marcus Jackson. There has been a lack of information about their romance from the beginning, but the couple’s love story goes way back to the early 1980s. Despite long prison sentences, the wild romance of Tia Torres and Aren Jackson has survived over the years. The couple courted for years until Aren was arrested and sent to prison. As a faithful lover, Tia remained with Aren until his release in 2006, and in the same year, they quickly exchanged their marriage vows. But barely a year later, Torres’ husband was arrested again for violating his parole. Even behind bars, love for the couple seems to have triumphed.

Tia Torres Family, Husband - Aren Marcus Jackson & Kids
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Kids & Grandchildren

Tia Torres is a loving mother of four children. Her biological children are Maria and Tania, who she had with different men, while her twin sons Kanani and Keli’l were adopted from Hawaii. Like her mother, Tia Torres’ children have followed in her footsteps. Not only are they animal lovers, but they became popular television stars at a young age, after having appeared in the series Pit Bulls & Parolees.

While Mariah and Tania run their New Orleans-based family business called Tahyo Tavern, founded by their mother Tia, the twins are avid motorcyclists and talented artists. However, all four of Tia’s children are involved in and support Tia’s home and all her family businesses in general.

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Other Facts About Tia Torres

1. The Pit Bulls and Parolees star has impressive physical features. The red-haired Tia towers at a height of 6 feet 1 inch. However, her weight and other body measurements have not been disclosed.

2. Tia Torres’ exact salary has not been disclosed but she has amassed a decent fortune from her numerous endeavors. She has a net worth that is currently pegged at $300,000.

3. Torres has an active social media life. While she may not be present on all popular social networking platforms, she has a strong fanbase on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.