Tim Foust Bio, Is He Married, Who Is the Wife? Here Are All the Facts

Tim Foust Full Bio, Is He Married, Who Is the Wife? Here Are All the Facts

Tim Foust is one of those whose fondness for art far outweighs anything else that might interest them. From a very young age, Tim had an ear for music; he grew up to be an amazing singer-songwriter and developed the ability to integrate humor into art – a trait that captivates his listeners as much as his voice, astounding fans and critics.

He is a country singer with a super-wide vocal range of five octaves, which he masters perfectly. Tim sings bass in the a capella group Home Free. He helped them win NBC’s fourth season of The Sing-Off in 2013. Before joining the group, Tim released a country album called The Best That I Could Do as a Solo Artist. He writes and arranges music for himself and for others, an endeavor for which he seems to have been made. Here is everything you always wanted to know about him.

Tim Foust Bio

Tim began his journey into music as a child; he imitated melodies of songs, even if he can’t put the words into words, and he also takes every opportunity he gets to sing. He attended Nederland High School, where he performed and studied classical music. During his school days he loved country music, a genre he would later get to know as a singer and composer. However, when the time came for him to go to college, the dynamic nature of the music industry at the time led him to choose a career that seemed stable, reliable, and lucrative.

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Tim Foust Full Bio, Is He Married, Who Is the Wife? Here Are All the Facts
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He enrolled at Lamar University as a dentist. At the same time, the musician in him trumped his intentions and prompted him to quit his pre-dental studies to pursue his lifelong dream of being an artist. Years later, Tim sings in one of the best country groups, Home Free, and tours radio stations across America to promote his musical exploits.

The musician was born on July 19, 1981, in Lubbock, Texas. While it is known that he grew up in a loving family that supported his career choice in every possible way, he shares very few details about them. The only known name of his family is his mother, Dena Frost. To commemorate his birthday, Tim organizes an annual birthday party with the motto “Tim Foust and Friends Birthday Bash”. For the event, which began in 2016, he gathers a special group of friends for an evening of star music and humor.

Tim has a voice deep enough to resonate in the coldest hearts and make the warmest fall in love all over again. He has a vocal range of five octaves, which makes the spine tingle and attracts attention at first hearing.

His Musical Accomplishments

The first group he performed with after graduating from college was Blue Jupiter, an a cappella group from Minnesota. He later joined Ball In The House, which is based in Boston. With an ear for music, Tim Foust writes the most amazing songs and also arranges music. After leaving his last group, he began a solo career, during which time he also joined Flying Pig Productions in Orange County, California. Here Tim recorded his first studio solo album The Best That I Could Do in 2011. The album, which includes the hit single You’re So Yesterday, received rave reviews. He was the first artist to release an album in Full Max Sound HD Audio on iTunes.

Tim Foust Full Bio, Is He Married, Who Is the Wife? Here Are All the Facts
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Tim Foust performed on cruise ships and as a guest in groups, some of which he accompanied on tours. He first sang with Home Free on their 2010 tour as a guest but would join them full-time later in the fall of 2011. Home Free is a five-piece a cappella group founded in 2000 by Chris Rupp. Current members include Austin Brown (lead tenor), Rob Lundquist (tenor Harmony), Adam Rupp (beatboxer), Tim Foust (bass), and Adam Chance (baritone Harmony).

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Before joining the group, they auditioned three times for The Sing-Off on NBC but were not accepted. When Tim joined the group, he not only helped them pass the auditions but also helped them win the fourth season in 2013, earning $100,000 and securing a record deal with Sony. Home Free has released 10 studio albums since its inception, including 6 in which Tim has participated. They have also worked with music icons such as Kenny Rogers, The Oak Ridge Boys, and Charlie Daniels. Most importantly, the group was accepted into the Country Music Association.

Is Tim Foust Married; Who Is His Wife?

Tim Foust Full Bio, Is He Married, Who Is the Wife? Here Are All the Facts
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Yes, Mr. Foust is married to Jenika Marion. The phenomenal singer proposed to his long-time girlfriend in July 2016 in front of family and friends who had to travel to Nashville from all over the country without Jenika knowing.

She experienced a pleasant surprise in her favorite restaurant, where the million-dollar question was asked. After the sweet engagement, the couple set their wedding date for December of the same year. They sealed the marriage in a renovated barn outside of Nashville, surrounded by a small group of friends and family.