Toddy Smith Bio, Age, Height and Girlfriend of The YouTuber and Instagram Star

Toddy Smith Bio, Age, Height and Girlfriend of The YouTuber and Instagram Star

Like most other Internet stars, Toddy Smith’s journey to fame was not exactly a walk in the park. He is one of those millennials that have been hurled to fame via user-generated platforms. Although Smith started his social media career on the short video platform Vine, his hilarious comedy vlogs on YouTube have brought him a wider audience. In addition to his professional successes, find out why the insanely funny and charming YouTuber Toddy Smith is becoming more and more endearing to fans.

Who is Toddy Smith and How Old is He?

Toddy Smith was born in California on April 11, 1991. There may be information about YouTuber’s professional efforts, but the same cannot be said about his private life. So details about his parents, family, early life, and education have remained a mystery to the public. While in some circles Toddy is believed to be an only child, other sources say he has a sister named Sophia. In addition, from some of his social media posts, it is safe to say that Smith has a close relationship with his mother.

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Professional Accomplishments

Before his social media career, Toddy Smith first earned his living as a bartender, working in several Californian bars. It’s no news that Smith is endowed with a great sense of humor, and after working for a while, the former bartender decided it was time to use the social media sphere to showcase his talents to a wider audience.

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He started out on Vine and released his first video in March 2013. Toddy Smith’s first Vine video Dat 151 ran surprisingly viral and soon earned him a good number of fans on the short video platform. Encouraged by the positive reviews and the growing fan base, Toddy Scott followed with a lot of other videos and was once considered one of the most talented stars on Vine.

Although Smith was quite successful and attracted over 330,000 fans on the short video platform, he eventually moved with the trends and extended his tentacles to other popular social networks such as YouTube. Toddy’s first YouTube video was released in January 2015. However, his growth and success on the platform were not as fast as expected. The former vine star took a year off YouTube and later, in 2016, made a major comeback.

Toddy Smith eventually achieved fame on YouTube after becoming famous for his hilarious comedy vlogs, which featured his friends and roommates, who are also Vine Stars and YouTubers. Due to the constant fooling around with his parents, the Californian-born artist can currently boast over 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Moreover, the charming and hilarious guy has collected millions of followers on his Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Besides fame, Smith’s career in social media has also been quite lucrative. He has attracted the attention of several top brands and continues to enjoy delicious support and advertising contracts on his various social media platforms.

Toddy Smith is also a TV personality as he starred in the fourth season of Sweet Home Alabama, the CMT’s reality TV show that ran from 2011 to 2014.

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Who Is The Girlfriend Of Toddy Smith?

The charming and funny personality of Toddy Smith has hit a nerve in the hearts of many fans. It is therefore not surprising that the relationship status of the pretty YouTuber has been an issue for many since he came into the limelight. Although the luscious Toddy is not married, he has had an interesting dating history. As his social media accounts show, Smith was initially romantically involved with an Internet star colleague, Catherine Marie Allen. He then began dating Corinna Kopf.

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Although there has been a lack of information about the romance of former turtledoves from the beginning, it is assumed that they have long been outdated. Moreover, given the fact that Smith and Kopf were very much in love on social networks, it was assumed that they were a perfect match. In 2018, however, their paths finally parted and the reasons for their separation were not disclosed.

Toddy Smith and Corinna Kopf are no longer friends, but they are still friends and have done some video collaborations. Both parties have reportedly found love again. Currently, Smith is romantically involved with singer Olivia O’Brien, while Corinna Kopf has moved on to another social media personality named Jack Dail. Toddy Smith and Olivia O’Brien, who became a couple in 2019, will probably live their best lives so far, and fans are hoping for a happy ending to their love story.


Toddy Smith has enviable physical characteristics. The pretty brown-eyed YouTuber stands at a height of 6 feet 2 inches, complemented by weight of about 78 kg. His other body measurements have not been disclosed.