Tom Skerritt Bio, Movies and TV Shows, Net Worth, Wife and Children

Tom Skerritt Bio, Movies and TV Shows, Net Worth, Wife and Children

Tom Skerritt is one of the longest-serving actors in Hollywood who is still in business today. He may have come of age, but he is still very well known for his beautiful appearance and his rough and freestyle. Since Tom Skerritt has been in the film industry for almost six decades, it doesn’t look like he’s ready to give up his dream job in the foreseeable future. Although he still hasn’t won an Oscar or Golden Globe Award during his more than half-century-long acting career, he has been awarded the Primetime Emmy Award and several other prizes.

Tom Skerritt Biography

He was born Thomas Roy Skerritt, son of Roy and Helen Skerritt, on August 25, 1933, in Detroit, Michigan. His father was a businessman, while his mother was a housewife. His parents gave birth to three children, of which Tom was born last.

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Tom Skerritt grew up in Detroit and attended high school in the city of Michigan. He attended Mackenzie High School in Detroit and graduated in 1951. He then attended Wayne State University where he received his bachelor’s degree. Skerrit continued his education by obtaining his master’s degree from the University of California. It was at the university that Tom’s acting ability was first noticed, but before he began his acting career, he served in the United States Air Force for four years.

Tom Skerritt Bio, Movies and TV Shows, Net Worth, Wife and Children
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Movies and TV Shows

Tom began his acting career in 1962 when he was cast as Sergeant Stan Showalter in the war movie War Hunt. That same year he starred in his first television show Combat! where he played various roles in all six episodes he appeared in between 1962 and 1967.

Tom Skerritt has appeared in over a hundred television shows. He was cast in six episodes of Virginian and played different roles in all six episodes of the show from 1962 to 1971. In Death Valley Days he appeared in five episodes between 1963 and 1968. Tom also starred in several television shows with multiple characters, such as Twelve O’clock High, where he was cast in various roles in all five episodes. In Bonanza, he was cast as Neely Hollister and Pete Edwards in the two episodes in which he starred; in Gunsmoke, Tom appeared in five episodes in which he played as five different characters; similarly, in F.B.I., he was cast as five characters in all five episodes in which he starred. Tom has also made several guest appearances on other television shows, including Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Category 7: The End of the World, and Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!

Tom Skerritt has starred in 63 films to date, and some of his most famous works come from movies such as MASH, Big Bad Mama, Ice Castles, Top Gun, Alien, Contact, TED, Lucky, and SpaceCamp.

In MASH Skerritt was cast as Captain Augustus Bedford “Duke” Forrest. The film tells the story of three army doctors, adapted from the novel by Richard Hooker entitled MASH: A Novel About Three Army Doctors.

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Tom played the lead role in the 1979 science fiction horror movie Alien. In the film Tom portrayed Dallas. When he was first approached to play in the film, he initially declined the role because the film had a small budget and there was no director like there was then. But after the budget was doubled and Ridley Scott was named director, Tom then took on the role of Dallas.

Tom Skerritt Net Worth

During his 57 years in the acting business, Tom has been able to accumulate a good amount of wealth for himself. He has a house on Lake Washington and one on Lopez Island where he spends his spare time. When his net worth was last reviewed, it was said to be about $8 million.

Wife and Children

Tom Skerritt was married three times. His first marriage was in 1957 to Charlotte Shanks, with whom he had three children, Andy (born 1962), Erin (born 1964), and Matt (born 1969). He and Shanks divorced in 1972. Five years later he married Sue Oran. He and Oran had a child named Colin (born 1978). Their marriage ended in 1992. The renowned actor is currently married to Julie Tokashiki. The couple married in 1988 and they have an adopted daughter named Emi.