Tyson Ritter Bio, Wife, Age, Height, Net Worth, Is He Gay?
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When you talk about celebrities who are versatile and understanding, you can’t stop talking about Tyson Ritter. An Oklahoma native, Ritter is a singer/songwriter known as the lead singer of the U.S. alternative rock band The All-American Rejects; Ritter is also the band’s multi-instrumentalist, pianist, and bassist. When I said that Tyson Ritter is a multi-talented guy, it was not just a joke, he is also a model and an actor known for his role as the Dane in Betas of Amazon Video, Oliver Rome in the NBC series Parenthood and in several other movies and TV series like The House Bunny, Preacher, Miss You Already, Lodge 49, etc.

Tyson Ritter Bio, Age

Ritter was born Tyson Jay Ritter on April 24, 1984, in Stillwater, Oklahoma, the son of Tracy Jean Rains and Tim Jay Ritter. Tyson and his siblings (Zack S. Ritter and Bailey Ritter) graduated from Stillwater High School, the same school where their mother works. His older brother Zack is an endodontist.

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Ritter has always been interested in the arts, especially music. He actually met his bandmates in middle school at a party where he was a bouncer. In 1999, while still in high school, Ritter and Nick Wheeler formed a band called The All-American Rejects. This group originally included Jesse Tabish, who later split from the group.

Tyson Ritter – Bio, Wife, Age, Height, Net Worth, Is He Gay?
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Nick and Ritter later added Chris Gaylor (drummer) and Mike Kennerty (backing vocalist) to the group, while they (Nick and Ritter) remained the songwriters of the band. Wheeler is the lead composer and Tyson Ritter is the lead lyricist.

During their time in high, the band made a demo called simply The All-American Rejects. Their first self-titled studio album. The All-American Rejects was released in 2003 under the label Dreamworks Records. The album became a mainstream success and received platinum certification from the RIAA. The band currently has four studio albums and has sold over ten million albums and four million singles worldwide. In February 2018, Ritter announced that he would put together his own band and record.

Apart from music, Tyson Ritter has also demonstrated his acting talent. He is known for his role as the Dane in Betas of Amazon Video, Oliver Rome in the NBC series Parenthood and in several other movies and TV series like The House Bunny, House Preacher, Miss You Already, Lodge 49, etc. In 2013 he released the solo song “Air”, which was featured on Parenthood. He also wrote “Collide”, which was also featured in the same series.

In 2014 he appeared as Hipster #1 in the biographical drama film Love and Mercy. He also played the singer Gregg Allman in the biography “Midnight Rider”, the film was unfortunately canceled after the death of Sarah Jones (camera assistant).

Is He Gay?

As far as we know, Tyson Ritter is not gay, at least that’s not what he said. However, in 2017 his band released a lead single called Sweat and a second one called Close your eyes from their upcoming fifth studio album, which may have given some indication.

In the first part of the video narrative, Tyson played Knight Besty – a transvestite who also works as a sex worker. He sneaks off to work at night and goes home to his nuclear family very early in the morning. During the day, Besty hosts a family reunion but soon becomes a little stressed and uncomfortable when he discovers that he still has nail polish from the night before on his fingers.

The video was very closely scrutinized by the transgender community. Some say that it is disrespectful for a heterosexual white cis-man to play a transgender woman who chooses sex work and that it is also dangerous, as such women (transgender) are attacked and killed in alarming numbers. Others believe that his Besty figure perpetuates the cliché that “men in clothes” are deviants who get their sexual fixation simply by paying for free clothes.

Ritter, however, argued that the video should only depict the functioning identity crisis and the expectations of people’s behavior in public places.

Who is His Wife?

Tyson Ritter – Bio, Wife, Age, Height, Net Worth, Is He Gay?
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Ritter is currently married to the Georgian-American actress and singer Elena Satine. The couple got engaged in April 2013 and walked down the aisle on December 31 of the same year.

Elena has appeared in several television shows and series, including several episodes in the tenth season of Smallville. The couple has no children yet.

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Tyson Ritter Net Worth

The multi-talented artist Tyson Ritter currently has a net worth of $3 million. His net worth consists mainly of income from his music and acting career and also from his other investments. Ritter has made investments in several technology companies, including Hooch App. This is a location and subscription-based mobile app that offers its users one alcoholic beverage per day, which can be received in some bars depending on the user’s location.

His Height and Other Facts

Tyson Ritter is 6′ 1″ (1.85 m) large.

He went out with the American model and actress Kim Smith, but they separated in 2009.

Tyson has been friends with Nick Wheeler since high school.

About how they came up with the name The All-American Rejects as a band name, Mike Kennerty says: “It was just a random name that sounded cool to them, and they took it.