Uriah Shelton Age, Family Members & Facts About The Actor

Uriah Shelton Age, Family Members & Facts About The Actor

When Uriah Shelton first appeared in front of the camera as an actor, he was 10 years old, and since then he has continued to appear in a number of Hollywood projects, from film to television shows. While he is best known for his acting work, which includes appearances on the controversial show 13 Reasons Why he is also a singer and a trained martial artist.

Just like the controversial show 13 Reasons Why, he has had his own share of controversy since he became a household name and a face in the industry. He has done so well in his acting career that despite his relatively young age, he has starred in over 30 films and television shows. Learn more about Uriah Shelton and his career below.

Uriah Shelton’s Biography & Age

Uriah Shelton calls Magnolia Springs in Alabama his home, but he was originally born in Dallas, Texas on March 10, 1997. He and his family moved to Alabama when he was one month old.

Uriah Shelton’s childhood revolved around creative exploration, and this exploration led him to a modeling class at the age of seven, which then took him to a talent contest in Orlando. His appearance at the talent contest attracted the interest of several talent agencies from New York City to Los Angeles, and the keen interest in his talent eventually drove him and his family to move to the City of Angels.

Uriah Shelton Age, Family Members & Facts About The Actor
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In Los Angeles, Uriah Shelton began his life as an actor at the age of 10 and had his first credited appearance on the television show Without a Trace, where he appeared as a young version of one of the show’s main characters, Brett.

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In the same year, he played a similar role to young William in Ghost Whisperer and the following year was given the chance to play an original character. In 2008, Uriah Shelton was cast in five projects, one of which was his first major screen project, Lower Learning. He also appeared in Ring of Death, a television movie in which he played the role of Tommy Wyatt.

Over the years, Uriah Shelton has appeared in other projects in films and television shows, including The Suite Life on Deck, Trust Me, The Glades – one of his most popular works in which he appeared as Jeff Cargill.

Since growing up and having more control over his role choices, Uriah Shelton has appeared on shows such as Blue, where he played the character of Josh, and Girl Meets World, where he played Joshua Matthews.

Uriah Shelton on the show “Girl Meets World” on the Disney Channel

In his performance in 13 Reasons, Urijah played the figure of Pratter. He also had roles in Herd of Four, Entering the Gate of Warriors, Picked Up and a few others.

Personal Life

Since he came to Hollywood at a young age, he has spent much time observing his personal life and gathering information. At the moment, it is believed that Uriah Shelton is single, but he was not always. He was in a relationship with an unknown woman, which was the cause of some of the controversy that has plagued his career.

With the unknown woman, Uriah Shelton was served a restraining order after allegedly kicking the woman in the stomach.

For non-human relations, Uriah Shelton is an animal lover, and he has kept dogs and a hamster as pets. He currently has two dogs named Ningbo and Archer.

Uriah Shelton Age, Family Members & Facts About The Actor
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Uriah Shelton Family Members

Uriah Shelton can attribute the early beginning of his acting career to his parents who supported his interest in an acting career.

As the son of Allen Shelton and Cindy Shelton, of whom we know little as individuals, Uriah began to take an interest in the piano, martial arts, and football and, with their support, eventually chose acting. Little is known about the other members of his family so far.

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Other Facts About Uriah Shelton

Another controversy by Uriah Shelton concerns his relationship with a co-star, Rowan Blanchard. The two are known to be in a feud based on opinions on issues such as feminism and racism. Both actors are reported to have gotten into several arguments on the set of the show “Girl Meets World”.

During his early teenage years, Uriah Shelton was involved in a motorcycle accident in which he broke six teeth and his thigh bone, and he also had some lacerations on his face. He had surgery to remove a small portion of his colon.

Uriah Shelton is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 62 kg. He also has dark brown eyes and hair.

More than being an actor, Shelton is also a singer and some of his released songs are Anything For You, I Wanna Live Like That, and Come Inside My Heart.