Veronica Hamel Family & Facts About Michael Irving’s Wife

Veronica Hamel Family & Facts About Michael Irving’s Wife

America’s film industry has grown into one of the largest film industries in the world, but the history of its growth will never be complete unless the names of certain icons are mentioned. One such icon is Veronica Hamel, whose influence on the industry was most noticeable in the 1970s and 1980s. Her appearance in many films and television series, including Cannonball! (1976), Lost (2004), and Hill Street Blues (1981-87), for which she is probably best known, helped lay a solid foundation for the emergence of a greater Hollywood. Veronica, who was once a model and has been nominated for several awards, will now discuss the facts of her life.

Veronica Hamel Biography

Veronica Hamel was born on 20 November 1943 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. As a former student at Temple University, after graduation, she was offered a secretarial position in a company that manufactures ironing board covers. Meanwhile, Veronica had had an interest in fashion design since her childhood, and this, together with the fact that she was beautiful, influenced her decision to pursue a career as a model. Consequently, she only worked as a secretary for a while before quitting to pursue a modeling career thanks to the late CEO and co-founder of Ford Models, Eileen Cecile Ford, who she discovered.

Veronica Hamel Family & Facts About Michael Irving’s Wife

The beautiful lady modeled in both print and television commercials for Pall Mall Gold cigarettes and Virginia Slims. She was the model in the very last cigarette commercial that was broadcast in the United States of America (for Virginia Slims) on December 31, 1970, at 11:59 pm on the Tonight Show.

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To kick off her acting career, Veronica Hamel made her debut in 1971 in the film Klute, followed by her roles in Beyond the Poseidon Adventure and When Time Ran Out Out, both of which were a flop. Later, the actress made her television debut in 1975 with the role of Elenora in an episode of the series Kojak.

From 1976 to 2002 she played in the films Cannonball, Apple Pie, Beyond the Poseidon Adventure, When Time Run Out, A New Life, Taking Care of Business, The Last Leprechaun, and Determination of Death. Also in 1976, Veronica appeared in one episode each of The Bob Newhart Show as Rosemary, Switch as Nabilla, and Starsky & Hutch as Marianne Tustin. She also played the role of Sandy Lederer/Marcy Brownell in two episodes of The Rockford Files. The following year, the actress appeared in the series Family as well as in the TV mini-series and TV movies 79 Park Avenue and The Gathering.

She then appeared in TV movies and played small parts in TV series until she was cast in 1981 in the lead role as Joyce Davenport, a dedicated public defender who is also interested in the Hill Street Blues as a police captain. Her performance in the series earned her five Emmy nominations. In the 1988 film entitled A New Life, Veronica Hamel was cast in a leading role as Alan Alda’s Doctor and Love Enthusiasm. She also played the role of Elizabeth, the wife of Spencer Barnes (played by Charles Grodin) in the 1990 film Taking Care of Business.

In 2002 Veronica had recurring roles in the legal drama Philly and in the NBC television series Third Watch. She also played the role of Margo Shephard in Lost, which was in the late 2000s.

Veronica Hamel Family & Facts About Michael Irving’s Wife
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Her Family

Nothing is known about the actress’s family background, except that her father was a carpenter and her mother a housewife. Veronica was once married to Michael Irving, a retired American football player, actor, and retired sports commentator. They married in 1971 and stayed together until 1981 when they separated for reasons as yet unknown.

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Facts About Michael Irving’s Ex-Wife, Veronica Hamel

1. It was listed in the magazine “Best Dressed on Us” in 1983

2. Veronica Hamel has a net worth estimated at $4 million.

3. Since the actress divorced her husband, she has not been in any relationship, at least not publicly.

4. She is 1.73 meters or 5 feet 8 inches tall, weighs 63.5 kg, and has body measurements of 32 (chest), 24 (waist), and 34 (hips) inches. She also has dark brown hair and a pair of blue eyes.

5. The actress has no active social media life.