Wendy Haskell Bio, Facts About Warren Moon’s Former Secretary
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Wendy Haskell is an American sports reporter, Ph.D. in physical therapy, advocate, and spokesperson for orphans. Because of her love of sports, she thought that her new job would give her the opportunity to advance her career in the sports market, but she never anticipated what she would expect.

In July 2017 she joined Warren Moon’s Sports 1 Marketing Company and couldn’t be happier. But beyond the roles she expected to play as a personal assistant, she was forced to follow the bizarre wishes of her boss to keep her job.

Since she could no longer bear the developments and since her complaints did not bring the desired results, she made public statements about what was happening in the company. In December 2017 she shot into the limelight when she filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against her employer.

What was the outcome of the lawsuit? Find out here and more facts about her.

Wendy Haskell – Bio, Facts About Warren Moon’s Former Secretary
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Wendy Haskell – Bio

She was born in 1985 in Buffalo, New York, New York City, in the United States. She belongs to the white ethnic group and has American citizenship. No details of her early life or family are known.

Wendy Haskell attended Clarence High School in Buffalo, where she was active in various athletic teams, including track and field, gymnastics, and basketball. She was also a dancer. After graduating high school, Haskell went to the State University of New York at Buffalo, where she earned a degree in Movement Science and a Ph.D. in Physical Therapy in 2009. She also played for the school’s Division 1 volleyball team.

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Wendy Haskell has been interested in sports since her school days and left the field of pure-play to work as either a therapist or coach. As a therapist, she worked for Kiwi Physical Therapy in New York City between May 2013 and February 2016, before working at the U.S. Athletic Training Center, New York, from 2014 to 2016. From 2010 to 2016, Haskell also worked as a color commentator for the Time Warner Cable Sports Channel, where she covered the Buffalo Bills.

By combining her athletic and medical background, Haskell has become a rare talent as she is able to use the knowledge of both sides to discuss and analyze injuries with sound skills.

How Did She Become Famous?

In 2017 Wendy Haskell was brought to public attention after she started working for Sports 1 Marketing based in Irvine, California in July. Founded in 2010, the company is co-owned by former NFL quarterback and Hall of Famer Warren Moon, who also works as a radio analyst for the Seattle Seahawk. She was hired as Moon’s personal assistant to run errands for him, travel with him on business trips, and organize his appearances.

Wendy Haskell – Bio, Facts About Warren Moon’s Former Secretary
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Shortly after she got the job, she accused Moon of sexual harassment. She claimed that she was forced to comply with her boss’ bizarre demands in order to keep her job. In her opinion, these requests included letting her sleep in his bed on business trips, forcing her to wear underwear only when alone with him, and spiking her drink.

In the course of this harassment, she claimed that she had complained to the CEO and co-owner of the company, David Meltzer, about Moon’s behavior. However, instead of taking the necessary measures or even conducting investigations, she claimed that she had been demoted instead. She was also asked to comply with the demands of her boss in order to keep her job.

Wendy Haskell filed a lawsuit against Moon in Orange County, California, on December 4, 2017. Her attorney, Diana Fitzgerald, said her client never went to the police with her allegations because she believed she was afraid. She also said she was looking forward to advancing her career in the sports market industry and had no idea that her professional duties would include this type of personal record. For the time being, there is no news about the outcome of the trial, although it is known that she has demanded $3 million from Moon.

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Interestingly, the Haskell case is not the first time Moon has been charged with deviant behavior toward women. In 1995, he was sued for offering money for sex to a Minnesota Vikings cheerleader. In this case, however, he denied having drugged or sexually abused his assistant, but agreed to let her sleep in his bed while he was traveling. In addition, he claimed that she only filed the lawsuit after his company rejected her request for a multi-million dollar payout.

After the lawsuit, he was fired from his job as a radio analyst for the Seattle Seahawks. Wendy in turn left her job at the company, but it is not known where she is now employed.

Facts About Warren Moon’s Former Secretary

1. Haskell played in the league of lingerie football for the Miami Caliente in 2009.

2. She has also worked as a model for Buffalo Fashion Week and Mercedes Benz

3. While working as a physical therapist for Polestar Pilates International in Miami, she appeared in Sky Mall magazine alongside Miss Pennsylvania 2009, Gina Cerilli, in collaboration with Evel Knievel Cycles of Pittsburgh.

4. Wendy Haskell is a self-proclaimed advocate for orphans. According to her, a life that is lived to positively influence others is worth living. She is actively involved in charitable work for various volunteer organizations, including the I’m Me Foundation, Jim Kelly’s Kelly for Kids Foundation, and the Steadfast Foundation’s Catwalk for Charity.

5. In 2016 she was on a humanitarian mission in Haiti. During this time she worked for the charity I’m Me, whose mission is to end the cycle of orphans by providing the world’s orphans with the supportive and empowering structure of a family through care, prevention, and stewardship.