What Happened to Eddie Lacy and What is He Doing Now?
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When Eddie Lacy joined the NFL in 2013, he had the reputation of becoming a major player in the NFL. In his first season as a youth player, he delivered the level of performance that earned him the award of Offensive Rookie of the Year. Since then, however, things have moved downhill for him, he is currently not tied to a franchise and is a freelancer. We took a look at what happened to Eddie Lacy and what the former Green Bay Packers, who are running back, are still doing today. Take a look at this below.

Eddie Lacy’s College Career and NFL Prospects

Despite his difficult upbringing, which saw his family lose their home in Hurricane Katrina, Eddie Lacy continued to focus on a successful football career in the NFL, delivering spectacular college-level performances and helping his team, the University of Alabama Crimson Tide, win three BCS National Championships between 2009 and 2012.

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Based on these accomplishments, he was selected by the Green Bay Packers as the 61st overall pick for the 2013 NFL Draft and spent five seasons on the team between 2013 and 2016. In his first season, Eddie Lacy played 15 games with a total of 1,178 yards and 11 touchdowns, earning himself the title of Offensive Rookie of the Year, a feat not seen since John Brockington won in 1971.

What Happened to Eddie Lacy and What is He Doing Now?
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In his second season, Eddie Lacy delivered another impressive performance that leads us to believe that the Gretna, Louisiana-born running back was really the real thing until he faced the challenges that ultimately led to the failure of his career.

Here is What Happened to the Former Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks Running back

If you are wondering if there was an incident or event that happened to Eddie Lacy that caused his career to decline, there isn’t one. The running back simply began to lose control of his weight, and in return, his performance on the field decreased.

A growing weight problem, combined with ankle injuries, kept him out of the Green Bay Packers team, which only played five games in 2016.

What is Eddie Lacy Doing Now?

Eddie Lacy’s struggle with his weight continued even after he happened to sign a one-year contract with the Seattle Seahawks that brought in $5.5 million. The contract required Eddie to keep his weight at 250 pounds or less and earn $50,000 every time he reached the milestone, but that wasn’t enough to keep his career afloat.

He played only nine games for the Seattle Seahawks with only 179 stormy yards and scored zero touchdowns. When his contract expired, he became a free agent and has remained so to this day.

According to Eddie Lacy, his struggle with his size, which coincidentally contributed to his departure from the NFL, was due to his lack of knowledge about proper nutrition. Growing up with his family, he was accustomed to eating unhealthy, homemade meals that were the only choice for the family because they were cheaper.

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In addition to his poor eating habits, his body metabolism is making it difficult for him to lose weight, and despite several attempts to keep it below the expected level as a professional athlete, Eddie continues to have problems.

What Happened to Eddie Lacy and What is He Doing Now?
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During his time in the NFL, Eddie Lacy has played a total of 60 games, with 3,614 rushing yards and 23 touchdowns. He was elected to the 2013 Pro Bowl team, made the leap to the second-team All-Pro, and was inducted into the Pro Football Writers Association’s All-Rookie Team.

Since his release by the Seattle Seahawks, Eddie Lacy has not found his way back to the NFL. While he continues to work on getting his body back to optimal levels, the former NFL running back has yet to find a team that has a chance of catching him.

In April 2019, Eddie Lacy joined the Baltimore Ravens for a training session, but nothing has come of it yet, and for fans of the running back, the wait for his return to the NFL continues.

The former Green Bay Packers Running Back was asked if he wanted to return to the NFL or end his career, and his answer in a 2019 tweet is that he is undecided. He currently lives in a condo in Renton, Washington.