What Happened To Maren Jensen & Where is She Today? Her Net Worth & Husband

What Happened To Maren Jensen & Where is She Today? Her Net Worth & Husband

Maren Jensen is a former supermodel whose heads rotate with her amazing looks and posture. She was also an actress who became famous for her appearances in several American TV series such as Battlestar Galactica, Fantasy Island, and The Love Boat.

Even before she became a model, Jensen was something special as a child. She was admired by her peers both at home and at school, not only for her beauty but also for her intelligence and skill. She took these qualities with her as she grew, and within a short time, she was already popular until she suddenly disappeared from the film business. What happened to Maren Jensen” became a question that everyone had in their mouths, but few knew the answer. Fortunately, this article will give you all the answers you need about this exceptionally beautiful American citizen.

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What Happened To Maren Jensen?

First of all, Maren Kawehilani Jensen, also known as Maren Jensen, is a native American from Arcadia, California. She was born on September 23, 1956, to a father who is a doctor and a mother who worked as a secretary at the Los Angeles Zoo. As the middle child in her family, Jensen has an older brother, Dana, and a younger sister named Kathleen.

Jensen was highly intelligent as a young child. She was an “A” student throughout her high school years, attending Herbert Hoover High School. After graduating in 1974, she moved to the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where she received a scholarship to major in law and theater arts.

The young beauty’s career in the field of modeling began while she was still a student. Her exceptional figure earned her a place on the front pages of fashion and lifestyle magazines such as Vogue and Mademoiselle. A close friend introduced her to agent Barbara Gale, and through her, she was able to appear in a number of television commercials and even got a role in the crime series The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries in 1977. The following year she got more television roles and was featured on the covers of other magazines. Maren Jensen played the lead role in the science fiction series Battlestar Galactica and had her face on the covers of the biweekly American magazine TV Guide. Jensen’s last television role was as Martha in the 1981 horror movie Deadly Blessing, after which she was diagnosed with the dreaded EBV.

Maren Jensen developed Epstein-Barr Syndrome, which finally ended her career in the entertainment industry. EBV (Epstein-Barr virus) is a common disease also known as human herpesvirus 4. The virus is one of the eight human herpes viruses in the herpes family and is transmissible from person to person by oral transmission of saliva and genital secretions. Adults like Jensen who are infected with the virus show symptoms such as fever, swollen lymph nodes in the neck, fatigue, enlarged spleen, swollen liver, inflamed throat, or rash. Although Maren has recovered from the disease, she has left show business behind for good.

What Happened To Maren Jensen & Where is She Today? Her Net Worth & Husband
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Where Is She Today?

Maren lives in the New York subway area, but she frequently visits the Los Angeles subway area to attend to her business and meet with her family and friends.

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Maren Jensen Net Worth

Maren Jensen has not only earned fame from her career as an actress and model. Although no amount has been put on her fortune and salary, it is believed that she earned quite a lot before she left the business thanks to her numerous appearances on the big screen.

Who Is Maren Jensen Husband?

Jensen was a married woman. She was married to John Kugelberg, but after a short time, the two supposedly separated. Neither Jensen nor Kugerlberg talked about the reason for their separation. They also did not share any photos of themselves.

Before Kugelberg, Maren Jensen was with Don Henley, an American musician, record producer, and founding member of the rock band Eagles. The Irish, English, and Scottish descendant with 6 Grammy Awards and over 150 million albums worldwide had his first solo album I Can’t Stand Still, dedicated to his lover Jensen. She was also honored for a good number of his songs like Johnny Can’t Read and A Month of Sundays. Jensen also appeared in Henley’s music video for the song Not Enough Love In the World. She even helped him found a nonprofit organization, The Walden Woods Project, to protect the Walden Woods (in Massachusetts) from development. Maren Jensen and Henley got engaged but separated in 1986, and Jensen is currently single and has no relationship with any man.