What is Dane Cook’s Age and What Really Happened to His Brother?
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After his popularity, Dane Cook’s Age and private life, in general, were always of interest to many. Professionally, he is more recognized as one of the pioneer comics who amassed a large cult following through social networking sites such as MySpace.

In addition to his stage appearances, Dane’s casual and distinct comic style has also earned him impressive screen credits. Fans may recognize him from movies like Employee of the Month (2006), Good Luck Chuck (2007), My Best Friend’s Girl (2008), Planes (2013), Robot Chicken (2018), and many others. For those who wonder why there’s been a lot of talks lately about Dane Cook’s age, here’s all you need to know.

What is Dane Cook’s Age?

Born and raised in Massachusetts, the comedian’s date of birth is March 18, 1972. Dane Cook inherited his great sense of humor and persuasiveness from his parents. Despite various criticisms of his art style and lifestyle, Cook has clearly built up a huge fan base and is considered a great artist. A former student at Arlington High School and a graduate of graphic design, Dane Cook began his career as a comedian in 1998 and has not looked back since. One of his most famous works is his second comedy album Retaliation, released in 2005. It was awarded double platinum and became the highest-ranked comedy album in almost three decades.

What is Dane Cook’s Age and What Really Happened to His Brother?
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What’s the Age Difference Between Cook and Girlfriend Kelsi Taylor?

Even outside of his career, the stand-up comedian and actor have made headlines in his relationships. Recently, Dane Cook was in the news after his relationship with singer Kelsi Taylor. Interestingly, Cook’s girlfriend was not alive for the first 26 years of his life. In other words, the comedian was born in 1972, while the singer was supposedly born in 1998.

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Cook and Taylor met at Cook’s house during a game night he hosted. They started out as friends, but apparently, the chemistry between them was strong enough and they developed into a relationship. While it is unclear how old Taylor was when she met Cook, the couple officially started dating in 2017 and has since been criticized for their age difference.

Nevertheless, the comedian, like most things in his life, has decided to take their relationship lightly. For example, Dane Cook was once asked by a fan to advise people in relationships with age differences, and the comedian humorously admonished these people to plan their death, which will most likely be far apart.

While some people raise eyebrows about such a relationship, Dane Cook has made it clear that both his and Taylor’s family agree with the age difference. Cook claims to love Taylor’s family and to have a close relationship with them. On the other hand, he reiterates that his own family members, most of whom are deceased, with the exception of his sister Courtney, approve of their mating.

Although their age difference can sometimes be difficult to overcome, Dane and Kelsi have been happy together since 2017. Not only do the two lovebirds still look in love, they are also carefree and playful together. Cook has often joked that their age difference of 26 years is a reminder of why it took him so long to find love.

The couple, who often flaunt themselves on social media, have been seen on romantic journeys, where they are always wielding big PDAs and creating amazing memories. Cook seems to be seriously attached to Kelsi Taylor. He describes his much younger girlfriend as an incredible woman and as the sweetest, nicest and best friend ever. The comedian, who is so in love with Kelsi, considers himself lucky to have her, and both seem to have a really healthy, balanced relationship.

What is Dane Cook’s Age and What Really Happened to His Brother?
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Interestingly, this is not the first time that Dane Cook has found love with a much younger partner. Before Taylor, he was associated with celebrities like Raquel Houghton, Julianna Hough, and Miley Cyrus. But internal sources believe that Dane’s relationship with Kelsi is his most serious yet. In fact, although the comedian has said earlier that he has no plans to ever marry, he allegedly treats Taylor as if she was his wife.

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What Really Happened to Dane Cook’s Brother?

Dane Cook grew up in a Christian family in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He has five sisters and a half-brother, Darryl McCauley. Although Dane is the most popular in his family, his brother made the headlines surprisingly in 2010 for the wrong reasons.

The comedian was horribly betrayed when Darryl, whom he had poached from a low-paying gig in the 1990s to become his CEO, cheated him out of millions of dollars. McCauley, who served as Cook’s manager from the early 1990s until December 2008, stole money from the comic star while earning $12,500 a month.

Dane later discovered that his half-brother and his wife had systematically embezzled millions of dollars from him, and both were sent to prison. Darryl was sentenced to five to six years in prison for theft and forgery and was also ordered to pay his brother $12 million in compensation. Meanwhile, his wife Erika was also sentenced to 2.5 to 3 years in prison for theft in two cases.