What is Eddie Lacy’s Weight, Height and How Much is He Worth?

What is Eddie Lacy’s Weight, Height and How Much is He Worth?

American football is probably the most popular and important sport in the United States and one of the most physically demanding, requiring players to maintain certain physical forms that are unusual in other sports. The inability to meet this requirement can have negative consequences in the lives of future or active players, as demonstrated by the career of Eddie Lacy, whose weight problems kept him out of the NFL for years. What exactly is Eddie Lacy’s weight and why is it a problem? Read all about it and other details about him, such as his net worth, below.

What is Eddie Lacy’s Weight and Height? 

The most recent official record of Eddie Lacy’s weight is 115 pounds, which is 253 pounds, three pounds more than the weight threshold required by his last NFL team, the Seattle Seahawks. On the other hand, at 5 feet 11 inches, he has the perfect height of an NFL running back.

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Eddie, who plays a position where speed is probably the most important attribute, is well above the average weight of NFL running backs, which is 88.4 kg.

What is Eddie Lacy’s Weight, Height and How Much is He Worth?
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His well-documented weight problem has not always been an issue for the Louisiana-born running back. Prior to his college career, his physical characteristics in high school meant that he was well below his current weight of 102 kg. At the sweet spot of height for a running back, Eddie Lacy helped his college team, the University of Alabama Crimson Tide, winning three BCS National Championships between 2009 and 2012.

When Eddie Lacy declared for the 2013 NFL Draft, his physical condition was at its best with a weight of 105 kg (231 lb) and a height of 1.5 m (11 inches). Combined with an arm length of 31 inches and a hand size of 9.5 inches, he was physically ready for a successful career in the NFL, which was reflected in his first season as a rookie with the Green Bay Packers.

In the 2013 season, although he was voted 61st overall, Eddie delivered a number of remarkable performances that earned him the title of Offensive Rookie of the Year, a place in the 2013 Pro Bowl, and a place on the second all-pro team at the end of the season.

In his first season, he scored 11 touchdowns and 1,178 stormy yards. As his physical condition was still very much intact, he continued his rich form the following season, scoring 9 touchdowns and 1,139 rushing yards.

What is Eddie Lacy’s Weight, Height and How Much is He Worth?
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However, as his weight increased, Eddie Lacy’s productivity declined and his performance decreased with each season. He finally left the Green Bay Packers after four seasons, leading to one of the strangest periods of the 2017 football season when he joined the Seattle Seahawks with a one-year contract that earned him $55,000 every time he weighed less than 113 kg after weighing.

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Despite the promise of money, Eddie Lacy struggled to maintain his weight, and his one-year contract with the Seahawks ended disappointingly, with only nine games, 179 rushing yards, and zero touchdowns.

Eddie’s ongoing struggle with weight gain has kept him out of the NFL, and with a current weight of 253 pounds, fans of the running back may have to consider the possibility that he will never play in the NFL again.

How Much is He Worth?

The bright spark with which Eddie Lacy began his career may have been dampened by his weight, but before he left the NFL he amassed a considerable fortune that could serve him well for the rest of his life if he uses it wisely.

According to Celebrity Networth, the former Green Bay Packers running back has net assets of $9 million. His first contract in the NFL was a four-year contract for $3.39 million, under which he received $847,000 in bonuses and $405,000 in the first-year salary.

After leaving Green Bay Packers, he signed a one-year $5.5 million contract with the Seahawks, with $3 million of his total contract guaranteed. He earned $1.3 million in salary and $1.5 million in signing bonus. He also earned $687,500 in rosters and $385,000 in training bonuses.

Although he has not been in the NFL for a few years, he has preserved his fortune and currently lives in a condo in Renton, Washington DC.