What Is Jennette McCurdy’s Age & How Tall Is The Former iCarly Actress?

What Is Jennette McCurdy’s Age & How Tall Is The Former iCarly Actress?

Jennette McCurdy’s Age has become one of the much-discussed topics about her, It would be difficult for young people, especially the Millennials and Generation Z, to remember their childhood and their young adult years without remembering some of the shows that defined them. One of them was the Nickelodeon sitcom iCarly, which was broadcast between 2007 and 2012. Jennette McCurdy, who played Sam Puckett in the show, was one of the stars and at a young age became one of the faces that defined two generations.

McCurdy is not only an actress, but also a singer, director, writer, and YouTuber, and in this article, we’ll discuss Jennette McCurdy’s Age. Read to learn more.

What is Jennette McCurdy’s Age?

Jennette McCurdy was born on June 26, 1992, in Long Beach, California. Her parents, Debra and Mark McCurdy raised her with three siblings. Through her parents, the iCarly actress is of mixed background, with roots in Italy, France, Sweden, Ireland, and England.

What Is Jennette McCurdy’s Age & How Tall Is The Former iCarly Actress?
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At the age of eight, Jennette McCurdy began her acting career in the series MADtv, where she made her debut on screen in an episode of the series. This was followed by her film debut in Shadow Fury as Anna Markov. Within seven years of her acting career she appeared in 19 films and TV shows, including appearances in titles such as Will & Grace, Against Type, Malcome in the Middle, Judging Amy, and several others.

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When Jennette McCurdy was 15 years old, she began appearing in iCarly as Sam Puckett. She played the role between 2007 and 2012 and appeared in 93 episodes. Starting in 2013, in a spin-off of the series, Sam & Cat, she played the role in another 35 episodes.

During her time as Sam Puckett, Jennette McCurdy appeared in other projects such as Best Player, True Jackson, VP, Minor Details, Victorious, and several others. Since leaving the role, she has appeared on other shows such as Adam and Wiley’s Lost Weekend, Between, and What’s Next for Sarah? earning over 65 credits since making her acting debut.

But she is not only an actress, but she has also taken on roles behind the camera as a director, writer, and producer. She produced her first project, the series What’s Next for Sarah? at the age of 22. As a director and writer, she has worked on the short films Kenny and 8 Bodies and the feature-length television film The McCurdy’s.

Besides her work in film and TV shows, she is also a singer and released her first studio album, Jennette McCurdy, at the age of 20. Before the album’s release on June 5, 2012, she released two EPs, Not That Far Away and Jennette McCurdy. She released the projects under the music label Capitol Records Nashville, which she signed between 2009 and 2012.

Other work by the iCarly actress includes a column for Seventeen Magazine, a series of articles for the Wall Street Journal, and work as a writer for the Huffington Post.

What Is Jennette McCurdy’s Age & How Tall Is The Former iCarly Actress?
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She has received several awards during her career. Jennette McCurdy was nominated for her first prize, the Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Television Series, at the age of 13 for her performance in the show Strong Medicine. She has also received awards and nominations at the Kids’ Choice Awards and Teen Choice Awards.

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How Tall is She?

At the time the iCarly actress appeared on the show that made her famous, she was a young woman who was growing both artistically and physically.

Today, Jeannette McCurdy is a full-grown woman, 5 feet 3 inches tall and with a modest body weight of 51 kg. In addition to her excellent height, the beautiful actress has a body measurement of 35, 26, and 35 inches for her breast, waist, and hips.

Other striking body measurements of Jeannette McCurdy are bra size 32C, shoe size 7.5, blonde hair, and blue eyes.

Short Facts About Jeannette McCurdy

1. She once suffered from anorexia and bulimia

2. As a musician Jeannette McCurdy is very skilled on the guitar and keyboard.

3. Her YouTube channel, Jennette McCurdy, which she set up in December 2016, has more than 300 thousand subscribers and over 5.3 million hits