What is Jilly Anais Famous For, Does She Have a New Boyfriend After Dejounte Murray?
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Jilly Anais has been involved in the entertainment scene since her childhood. She is a multi-talented person with many interests. From ballroom dancing to cheerleading and many sports, Jilly has obviously prepared herself for fame. Ultimately, it was the Texas beauty’s passion for the performing arts that helped shape her professional career in showbiz.

In addition to her popularity on-screen, Anais has gained millions of followers on various social media platforms. Find out what makes the blonde star tick and how she got on her feet as an entertainer.

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What is Jilly Anais Famous For?

Call her a dancer, cheerleader, model, actress, or singer, then you are not far from the truth. Jilly Anais Moor is an energetic entertainer and rather a heavyweight in social media. Born in Texas on January 2, 1996, she has been in the spotlight since she was two years old when she started ballet. As a young schoolgirl, she was known as a cheerleader and actress who was active in both her school’s drama club and the local theater.

What is Jilly Anais Famous For, Does She Have a New Boyfriend After Dejounte Murray?
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Refusing to diminish her prospects in the entertainment scene, Jilly has since made her way into the modeling, acting, and music scene. The beautiful star from Houston debuted as a model at the age of 13 and subsequently appeared in several commercials. A big highlight in Jilly’s modeling career was 2010/2011 when she made her debut at the beauty contest and was surprisingly crowned Miss Teen Houston. Anais is also very popular on social media and has reached over one million followers on Instagram.

After coming of age, the native Texan took the bold step of moving to Los Angeles in search of greener pastures. This decision has since paid off for Anais. As an actress, Jilly appeared in the music video for Demi Lovato’s summer hit Cool for the Summer.

She also appeared on television in series such as East Los High (2013), BET’s Real Husbands of Hollywood (2016), and Freakish (2016). Anais also has credits on the big screen, having appeared in the TV short films Scooby-Doo Is Back (2017) and God Send (2019). The actress hasn’t gotten her breakout role yet, but Jilly’s already impressive screen portfolio makes her undeniably a star to watch out for in Hollywood.

Jilly Anais is also musically talented. The fast-rising pop artist made herself popular with many in 2015 when she canceled her debut EP The Juice. The project was made possible by her collaboration with the LA-based production group The Invaders. The blonde singer also has the credit of having written the single “Afterparty” by Trois Irons. In her musical career, Anais, who counts icons like Michael Jackson and Madonna among her inspirations, has also made covers of several hits on her YouTube channel.

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Does She Have a New Boyfriend after Dejounte Murray?

Jilly Anais is a stunning beauty, so it’s not surprising that she has a host of admirers both inside and outside the industry. Not much was known about the Instagram model’s love life in the early days of her career. In recent years, however, she has become increasingly noisy with her romantic affairs.

What is Jilly Anais Famous For, Does She Have a New Boyfriend After Dejounte Murray?
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Personally, Jilly thrilled the media in 2017 when she met with NBA guard Dejounte Murray. The couple, who even started a YouTube channel together, seemed like a perfect couple in the meantime. Although the details of their relationship were mostly kept under wraps, Anais and Murray were known for devoting a lot of time to each other.

Unfortunately, the professional basketball player, who plays for the San Antonio Spurs and the Instagram model, shocked fans when they split up at the end of 2018. Even more interesting was the fact that the separation of the ex-lovers was anything but amicable. While the cause of their ultimate separation is unknown, the two dragged their grievances into the social media in a dirty battle of words. Murray initially set the tone by claiming that Anais was a gold digger. In response, the model lost no time in defending the NBA star’s claims. She stressed that she was born and raised on gold and that her ex-boyfriend never paid any of her bills.

Given the commitment of Jilly Anais and Dejounte Murray, it is uncertain if the former lovers are willing to give love another chance in the near future. So far, Murray is the only known man who has been associated with Anais. While Anais is probably single at the moment, fans hope that the model, actress, and singer will find a new admirer in the near future.