What is Jimmy Kimmel’s Net Worth and How Rich is He Compared to Other Late Night Hosts?

What is Jimmy Kimmel’s Net Worth and How Rich is He Compared to Other Late Night Hosts?

Late-night variety shows are an integral part of American television, and their hosts have become one of the most important figures in the entertainment industry. Not only because of the humor they bring to important American conversations and the influence they exert on their viewers, but also because of their considerable wealth. Jimmy Kimmel, one of the most popular hosts on late-night television, has amassed considerable wealth through his popular show Jimmy Kimmel Live! let’s find out a few facts about Jimmy Kimmel’s Net Worth and How Rich is He?

In this article, we took a look at how rich this charming late-night presenter is and how he stands up to other late-night TV presenters with whom he competes for ratings and influence. Take a look below.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Net Worth

Everyone knows those who work in the entertainment industry, especially in prominent roles such as that of the host, who earns massively, but how massive a combination of several things is, from experience to popularity to negotiating power, also known as your agent’s negotiating skills.

What is Jimmy Kimmel’s Net Worth and How Rich is He Compared to Other Late Night Hosts?
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For Jimmy Kimmel, all the things that need to be in his favor to earn significant money are there, so it’s no surprise that he earns up to $15 million a year for his show Jimmy Kimmel Live!, a stark contrast to his first year on the show in 2003, where he earned $1.75 million a year.

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Through his massive salary increase, which rose from $1.75 million to $6 million and then to $15 million, Jimmy Kimmel has been able to build up a personal net worth of $45 million, making him one of the richest late-night show hosts working today.

With a net worth of $45 million, Jimmy Kimmel was able to afford certain luxury items, such as the purchase of an $8.2 million villa in Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles, and another $2.01 million villas in Hollywood.

How He Achieved His Net Worth

We’ve already mentioned that most of Jimmy Kimmel’s net worth comes from his salary as the host of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, but he has expanded his career as a comedian and host into other areas of entertainment, some of which have made significant contributions to his net worth.

Before he started making big money at ABC, he worked in radio for stations such as KUNV, KZOK-FM, KCMJ, and several others. He also worked for Comedy Central, where he began his television career by working on the game show Win Ben Stein’s Money.

As a host, he also appeared on other shows and worked on other shows like Live with Regis and Kelly, Set for Life, Larry King Life. He has also hosted several award shows, including the Emmy Awards and the Academy Awards.

In addition to using his comedic skills on other shows and programs outside of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the Brooklyn-born comedian has also earned his fortune through a career as an actor.

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Jimmy Kimmel has appeared in more than 40 films and television shows. He made his first foray into the world of acting in 1995 when he played a small role as the track announcer in the film Delinquent’s Derby. Since then he has appeared in both large and small roles in both media, with notable titles such as Family Guy, Road Trip, Garfield, Project X, Ted 2, Scandal, The Boss Baby, Crank Yankers, and several others.

With a net worth of $45 million, Jimmy Kimmel is one of the richest people in Hollywood, but how does he compare to other late-night movies?

What is Jimmy Kimmel’s Net Worth and How Rich is He Compared to Other Late Night Hosts?
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How Rich is He Compared to Other Late-Night Hosts?

Jimmy Kimmel’s show Jimmy Kimmel Live! is one of the highest-rated late-night shows on television, and this seems to be reflected in his salary and net worth. Compared to other late-night hosts, Jimmy Kimmel is in third place behind Conan O’Brien, Stephen Colbert, and Jimmy Fallon, who together have net worths of $95 million and $60 million respectively.

While they have a higher net worth, Jimmy Kimmel is in second place with $15 million a year, along with Colbert, and Conan is in third place with $12 million a year in annual salary. Jimmy Fallon tops the list with a salary of $16 million a year.

Behind Jimmy Kimmel are other hosts such as Chelsea Handler with a net worth of 40 million dollars, Seth Meyers with a net worth of 12 million dollars, and James Corden with a net worth of 12 million dollars as well.

However, compared to past and present late-night hosts, Jimmy Kimmel ranks lower with iconic names like David Letterman and Jay Leno top of the list with a net worth of $400 million and $350 million respectively.