What Is Julien Solomita Age, Height & Does He Have A Brother?

What Is Julien Solomita Age, Height & Does He Have A Brother?

As a child, Julien Solomita had only one wish – he wanted to become a professional baseball player. His dream didn’t come true because he was seriously injured in his first year of college. He had no choice but to change his direction and focus on a different career, which eventually put him in the spotlight.

He is a social media star and YouTube blogger whose videos attract a large number of viewers. Previously known as The Fighting Solo, he also has a huge following on various social media platforms, most notably Instagram.

Julien Solomita Biography & Age

Julien Solomita was born on 17 April 1992 at Stanford University Hospital in California. Julien’s father and mother were reportedly separated when he entered school as a first-grader.

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He grew up in the city of California with his two siblings – an older sister and a brother named Roxanne and Marlon, respectively. When his parents split up, it became known that his mother had a relationship with Ted Silva, a baseball coach whom she later married.

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Probably due to the influence of his stepfather, he fell in love with baseball, a sport he continued to play during his school years until he was forced to leave college, Chapman University, where he was forced to leave the sport due to an injury. While playing for Chapman University, he fell during a training session and injured himself as mentioned above.

There are not many details about his early education, but it is known that he received a bachelor’s degree in television and radio journalism from Chapman University. During his time there, he was involved in many other things besides baseball, including serving as sports editor of the Panther Newspaper and as a live reporter for Chapman News. He graduated from the institution in 2014.

The Internet star’s journey began when he started working at AMP Radio Studio in his final year of college. Later he took another job as a bartender in a nightclub, and it was here that he met his girlfriend Jenna Marbles, to whom he would remain forever loyal and grateful. Jenna Marbles was a popular YouTuber who introduced him to the YouTube business. It wasn’t long before he launched his own YouTube channel on December 8, 2012.

By 2018, his personal YouTube channel will have cracked a whopping 1.4 million subscribers. Success didn’t just happen; it was a gradual journey to build his popularity. He began to attract attention when he started uploading weightlifting videos and vlogs. There are a variety of videos available on his channel, ranging from vlogs and time-lapse videos to short films and music videos.

What Is Julien Solomita Age, Height & Does He Have A Brother?
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Family: Dad And Brother

There is not so much information about his biological father, but the man usually referred to as his father is Ted Silva, his stepfather. As mentioned above, he has two biological siblings.

Before his parents got married, Ted was also in a relationship at one time, which produced several children, one of whom is Julien’s classmate. The family is still very close today.

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Julien Solomita Net Worth

Julien Solomita’s main source of income is his income from his YouTube channel. It looks like he is still a rising star in the online media industry and his popularity is growing every year. This means that he will soon move up into the league of celebrity millionaires.

According to reports from various sources, Julien has an estimated net worth of 380 thousand dollars. According to reports, he could earn $400 a day, which means that he earns about $150,000 a year with his published videos. It’s only a matter of time before he reaches the one million mark of his total net worth. Apart from that, he owns a Honda Civic sedan worth $19,900.


The California-born social media personality has an amazing body structure and a frame that is very sporty. Julien Solomita is of average height and measures 5 feet 9 inches. His height, coupled with his weight of 75 kg, dark brown hair, and blue hair, ultimately gives him an overall beautiful appearance.