What Is Nigella Lawson’s Age And Does She Have Children?

What Is Nigella Lawson’s Age And Does She Have Children?

The age of Nigella Lawson is one of the much-discussed topics in her life, especially because of her very youthful appearance. Fans have often joked that she does not age at all, as she seems to stay young year after year. Nigella Lawson, an English food journalist, and host of a cooking show is known for her incredible culinary work on TV over the years. She is a truly beautiful woman and is admired for her charm and confidence during her work as a presenter, as well as for her witty, clever comments. She is also respected for her incredible literary talent, having written bestsellers and worked for various newspapers and magazines during her career. let’s find out a few facts about Nigella Lawson’s Age And Does She Have Children?

Over the years, Nigella Lawson has achieved so much success and gained the admiration of thousands of fans that she has attracted so far. Her growing popularity has led people to ask several questions about her background and personal life, including who her children are and how old Nigella Lawson is. We present to you the answers.

What Is Nigella Lawson’s Age?

As we mentioned earlier, Nigella Lawson’s age is a much-discussed topic because of her strikingly youthful appearance, and her fans are often in awe of her beauty. So how old is the food journalist? Nigella Lawson, whose full name is actually Nigella Lucy Lawson, was born on 6 January 1960. She was born and raised in Wandsworth, London. Although she is clearly English, it is remarkable that she also has Jewish roots, as her parents both come from Jewish families.

What Is Nigella Lawson’s Age And Does She Have Children?
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Nigella Lawson was born of interesting parents; her father is Nigel Lawson, a British Conservative politician, journalist, and former Member of the British Parliament. Her mother was Vanessa Salmon, a very beautiful woman who was the heiress of J. Lyons and Co, a British restaurant chain, food manufacturing, and hotel conglomerate. Apparently, Nigella grew up in a well to provide for herself at home, and she lacked nothing that a child could wish for.

As a child, she attended Godolphin and Latymer School, a girls’ day school in Hammersmith, West London. She then attended the prestigious University of Oxford. After graduating, she established herself as an outstanding writer and a well-known television personality.

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Her Career

After graduating from Oxford University, Nigella Lawson obtained a position as a book critic. At this time she also worked as a restaurant critic. Her writings began to attract some attention at the time, and she was soon promoted to assistant literary editor of the Sunday Times in 1986.

Later, Nigella Lawson pursued a career in freelance journalism, writing some very interesting articles and news reports for various newspapers and magazines. Her work in these magazines and newspapers has earned her a number of fans who are dedicated to her creative work.

In addition to writing for magazines, Nigella also wrote and published her own books. Her first book, a cookbook entitled “How to Eat”, was published in 1998. The book became a bestseller, selling up to 300,000 copies. Her second book, “How to be a House Goddess”, was published in 2000 and also became a bestseller. In fact, the book later won the coveted British Book Award as the author of the year.

What Is Nigella Lawson’s Age And Does She Have Children?
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As a TV personality, Nigella Lawson has also hosted her own cooking show series called “Nigella Bites”, which attracted a lot of attention in the UK. The food author also hosted another show, Nigella Feasts on Food Network, and Nigella’s Christmas Kitchen, a three-part series on BBC Two. So far, she is considered one of the most famous faces in the British culinary scene.

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Does Nigella Lawson Have Children?

Nigella Lawson certainly has children. The TV personality has two children; a daughter named Cosima Thomasina Diamond and a son named Bruno Paul Diamond. The daughter was born in January 1994 and the son was welcomed in June 1996. Her two children are very fond of her and have developed a close bond as a family.

Nigella had her children with her first husband, John Diamond, a journalist whom she married in 1992. Diamond was diagnosed with throat cancer in 1997. After fighting the disease, he died in March 2001.