Where Is Ivana Trump (Donald Trump’s Ex-Wife), What Is She Doing Now?

Where Is Ivana Trump (Donald Trump’s Ex-Wife), What Is She Doing Now?

Ivana Trump is popular because she was the first wife of US President Donald Trump, whom he cheated on with Marla Maples, who later became his second wife. Her divorce, which was definitely not a cordial separation, attracted a lot of media attention. But even after the separation, Ivana kept her place in the spotlight, not only as Donald Trump’s ex-wife but also as an enterprising lady who made a name for herself in the fashion world and as an accomplished writer.

Ivana Trump Marriage To Donald Trump

If one speaks of a marriage that has made massive tabloid headlines, then there is the marriage of Ivana Trump and Donald Trump, whose marriage was in the headlines not only when they were together, but even after their infamous divorce drama. The couple, who met in 1976, fell head over heels in love with each other when, in less than a year of courtship, they entered into the bond of marriage. Ivana was not only Trump’s wife and the mother of his three children, Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump, but she was also vice president of the Trump organization and oversaw the interior design. Much later she became president of Trump Castle Hotel and Casino.

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Ivana Trump, who was a former model and businesswoman, definitely did not want to let her failed marriage to Trump bring out the best in her. Yes, she was disappointed with the facts she was confronted with regarding her husband’s affair with Marla Maples, but Ivana walked away from her divorce with a fat settlement, and it is common knowledge that she still enjoys certain privileges from her ex-husband who is President of the United States. He even offered her a job as ambassador to the Czech Republic, which she turned down.

Where Is Ivana Trump (Donald Trump’s Ex-Wife), What Is She Doing Now?
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Where Is The Popular Ex-First Wife Of Trump

Ivana Trump does not have a particular place where she spends a long time, as she likes to travel and sources say that she spends most of her time in three special places she adores: Miami, New York City, and the South of France. These cities were also the reason why she turned down Trump’s offer to go to Prague as U.S. Ambassador to the Czech Republic. However, her refusal was not well received by Czech President Miloš Zeman, who called her a “coward” for refusing the position.

Ivana may not be the typical grandmother, but another place where you can always reach her is where she spends time with her grandchildren. Ivana, who has instructed all of her nine grandchildren to call her “Ivana-ma” and “Glam-ma”, is also known for enjoying spending time with her little ones.

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What Is Ivana Trump Doing Now?

The former wife of Donald Trump, who is known for doing everything she wants to do in the showbiz world, has definitely done some good over the years. In 1992, Ivana started with various clothing lines, jewelry, and beauty items, which she offered for sale in various outlets.

Where Is Ivana Trump (Donald Trump’s Ex-Wife), What Is She Doing Now?
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She is also a celebrated writer who has written several novels such as “For Love Alone” (1992), “Free to Love” (1993), and a book entitled “The Best is Yet to Come: Coping with Divorce and Enjoy Life Again” (1995), to which she is known to have a very strong bond. Ivana has also written an autobiography entitled “Raising Trump” in which she talks about her childhood and how she raised her children alongside Donald Trump. In addition to writing books, Ivana Trump is the author of the advice column for Globe entitled “Ask Ivana, about love and life”, she has her own magazine called “Ivana’s Living in Style” and has also written articles for Divorce Magazine.

Her On-Screen Appearances

Donald Trump’s famous first wife has also played small roles in films that began with her role in the 1996 film The First Wives Club. In 2006, she hosted the Reality Hookup program called Ivana Young Man, which was a great success as it was followed by her appearance on The Apprentice show as a consultant on the boardroom floor and later on Celebrity Big Brother UK.