Where Is Kristina Pimenova Now? Her Parents, Height & Boyfriend

Kristina Pimenova is a popular children’s model who is highly admired by many for her beauty, simplicity, and self-confidence. For most people, she is living proof that age is only a number and should not be an obstacle to achieving a set goal. Having modeled for top fashion brands such as Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, and Burberry before the age of 10, she has made a name for herself in the modeling industry.

In addition to modeling, Kristina has also made a name for herself as a gymnast, actress, and Internet personality, with over 2 million followers on her Instagram page and 4 million on Facebook. For all her achievements as a model, she was named the most beautiful woman in the world in 2014 by Women’s Daily Magazine. Let’s keep up with her a little bit.

Kristina Pimenova Bio

Kristina Pimenova was born on 27 December 2005 in Moscow, Russia. She is of Russian nationality and white ethnicity. She grew up at the Moscow primary school, as it is very close to where she lives.

Where Is Kristina Pimenova Now? Her Parents, Height & Boyfriend
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Her excursion into the modeling business began at the tender age of 4 years: Kristina was very shy in front of the camera at that time; a characteristic that her mother wanted to put an end to by hiring a professional photographer to help her build up a certain amount of confidence in front of the camera. After the photo session, her mother sent some of the pictures to a famous modeling agency – President Kids. This brave move would prove to be life-changing for young Kristina, as it earned her a modeling contract.

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In no time she began making remarkable appearances in fashion shows, popular commercials, and TV commercials. At the age of 7, she achieved great success when she was featured on the cover of the famous fashion and lifestyle magazine Vogue. With her pretty face and innocent appearance, it was only a matter of time before she attracted the attention of top fashion brands. When she finally did, it brought her lucrative deals with multimillion-dollar brands like Armani, Dolce & Gabbana and Benetton, all vying for her signature.

Kristina Pimenova did not do badly as a gymnast either. After practicing rhythmic gymnastics under the guidance of Olga Kapranova, she decided to participate in a 2013 gymnastics tournament in Tatarstan and finished the competition with a gold medal at a high level.

Her Parents

There has always been the idea that beautiful parents would give birth to beautiful children, and although this is not always true, the case of Kristina Pimenova is not one of those exceptions. But her parents are Ruslan Pimenov (father) and Glikeriya Shirokova (mother).

Her father is a retired Russian soccer player who played for teams such as Lokomotiv Moscow, Metz, Dynamo Moscow, and Dynamo Minsk, while her mother was once a model, but currently works as Kristina’s social media account manager.

Where Is Kristina Pimenova Now? Her Parents, Height & Boyfriend
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Over the years, she (Glikeriya Shirokova) has been repeatedly criticized for allegedly posting images of Kristina that most people saw as a way to promote the sexualization of children, but she has vigorously defended her actions.

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Kristina Pimenova’s Friend

An investigation of the young model’s private life shows that she is single and there are no rumors of a romantic relationship with anyone. This is not surprising as she is still very young. At the moment she is concentrating exclusively on her studies and the development of her career.

Height and Body Measurements

The blue-eyed model stands at a height of 5 feet 1 inch, but its weight is not yet known. Nothing is known about the remaining body measurements either. One of her most impressive body features is her long dirty blond hair.

Where Is Kristina Pimenova Now?

Having achieved the success most of her colleagues can only dream of, Kristina Pimenova’s life is always in the spotlight. With millions of fans around the globe, there is a constant desire to know the latest events in her life. She currently spends most of her time on film sets with the intention of becoming a famous actress. This year (2019) she has starred in two films called Creators: The Past and The Russian Bride, in which she played the role of Dasha.