Where is Sawyer Fredericks Now? His Age, Girlfriend & Net Worth
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The very talented young American singer, songwriter, and guitarist Sawyer Fredericks is proof of what quality education can do in a person’s life. At the age of 16, in 2015, the rising star became the second youngest person to win the NBC Talent Hunt challenge, The Voice, and many people seem to think that’s where it all began.

Fredericks began his journey into the music industry with voice training at the age of 11. Within a year the starlet began performing at open mic shows and events organized in his community and had his first show at the age of 12. He also began performing at farmer’s markets in Amsterdam and Gloversville, New York. At the age of 13, he was a finalist in the Young Artist Talent Search in Pawling, New York. After the success of this first attempt at a public artist competition, Sawyer began his musical career that same year, recording his first demo and recording six original songs.

The following year, at the age of 14, Fredericks released his first studio album, an LP entitled Out My Window. Although the meteoric rise to fame would later become known for performing other people’s work, his studio release had 15 original songs, which together became an instant hit. Without a doubt, this signaled the arrival of an impending superstar.

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Sawyer has been around for several years, but he has achieved far more than most people who have been around for many years have not dared to do. Read on to learn all the facts about this young talent.

Where is Sawyer Fredericks Now? His Age, Girlfriend & Net Worth
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Sawyer Fredericks Bio & Age

The hat-wearing, slender artist was born on 31 March 1999 as Sawyer Christopher Fredericks. His birthplace is Newtown, Connecticut, USA. He is the youngest of three children of Kirsten L. and Carl F. Fredericks. His older siblings are Aric Fredericks and Skyler Fredericks.

Besides his siblings, Sawyer Fredericks grew up in a family that was financially far below average. When he was about 8 years old, his family moved to a farm near Fultonville, New York. There the young talent was not educated by the conventional school system. Instead, he was taught at home using the method that emphasizes the activities chosen by the students as their primary learning tool.

Sawyer Fredericks is white by ethnic origin and is a citizen of the United States of America. He became famous when he became the winner of the 8th season of NBC’s talent show The Voice in 2015. He won the talent show, set a series of iTunes sales records, and became the second-youngest winner in the show’s history along with Daniel Bradbury, who was also 16 years old.

The talent scouts of the show saw Fredericks songs on his YouTube channel for the first time, they recognized his talent and decided to invite him to audition for the talent show. Fredericks passed the audition and he chose the happy crooner Pharrell Williams as his coach. He and Koryn Hawthorne were the last candidates on Pharrell’s team.

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His Girlfriend

Sawyer Frederick has a girlfriend. We can deduce this from an interview he granted, in which he said that the biggest challenge in his work is having to stay away from home for long weeks. He said that during such periods of long absence he usually misses his family and friends, especially his girlfriend.

However, in all our efforts, we have not been able to find out more details about the friend in question. It is obvious that Sawyer wants to keep so much about his girlfriend a secret. However, there is a rumor that his girlfriend is a certain Abigail.

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Sawyer Fredericks’ Net Worth

From 2019, the net worth of Sawyers Fredericks is allegedly estimated at $2.5 million. This amount he has collected mainly from his beloved songs. In addition, he has signed many sponsorship agreements and may also receive a decent amount from advertising revenue through his YouTube channel. We assume that his net worth will continue to increase as his career progresses.

Where Is He Now?

In August 2018 it was reported that Sawyer Fredericks will perform at the Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts in Palmer Lake Washington. Since then, he’s been on hold, but we know he continues to tour the United States. These tours often keep him away from his family’s home in upstate New York for up to five weeks. For example, it has been reported that the singer had 20 more shows in the same month in addition to the Palmer Lake show in August 2018.