Who is Andrea Tantaros and Where is She Now?
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If you are a fan of the Fox Network show Outnumbered, then you surely know Andrea Tantaros, who was a co-host of the program. She is also known for being one of the original presenters of Fox Network’s panel discussion show “The Five”. Although she was last seen on Fox Network in 2016, the amazing analyst made headlines after her accusations of sexual assault against a Fox News employee.

Andrea, also a Republican, is a conservative political operative and host of a talk show. She began her career in 2003 after obtaining a master’s degree from the University of Paris in France. In addition to her work for Fox News Channel, the political analyst has also worked with prominent politicians in the United States. While the fans were curious to know what happened to her favorite talk show host, we’ve collected some interesting facts about Andrea below. Read on…

Who is Andrea Tantaros and How Old is She?

The conservative political analyst was born on December 30, 1978, as Andreana Konstantina Tantaros. Her birth took place in Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA. She was born as the daughter of a Greek father, Konstantinos Tantaros, and an Italian mother, Barbara Tantaros. Through her parents, Andrea has Greek and Italian ancestors, while her nationality is American. Her family has a Pied Piper shop where she used to work.

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She grew up and completed her basic education at Parkland High School in Allentown. After graduating, she went to Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where she earned a degree in journalism and French. She also speaks fluent Spanish and Greek.

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Shortly after graduating from college, she interned at CNN’s Crossfire program, where she helped cover the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia. Andrea then earned a Master’s degree from the University of Paris in Paris, France. Shortly after completing her Master’s degree in 2003, she moved to Washington, D.C., where she began her professional career.

Career Achievements

Andrea began her career in 2003, and her first assignment was to serve as a spokesperson for the then Governor of Massachusetts, William Weld. In the same capacity, she also served Congressman Pat Toomey and Thomas Reynolds, a former chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Two years later, she moved to New York City where she founded Andrea Tantaros Media, a media strategy and crisis management consulting firm. Through her company, Andrea worked for various political campaigns and for well-known companies such as Fortune 500.

In 2010 she joined Fox Network and worked as a political analyst and commentator. During this time she became co-host of Fox’ The Five in 2011. Three years later, in 2014, she began hosting another talk show called Outnumbered. However, after she was accused of sexual assault against her colleague at Fox News in 2016, she was removed from the show. Since then, she has not been heard from much.

Is She Married, Who is Her Husband?

The renowned political analyst was not so vocal when it came to the details of her private life. Therefore, there is not much information about her love life and relationships. We only know that Andrea Tantaros is currently in a relationship with a guitarist named David Navarro.

While Andrea is not yet standing at the altar for the first time, David has already been married three times. Most famous was his marriage to Carmen Electra, a supermodel, whom he married from 2003 to 2007.

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Andrea and Dave fell in love a few years ago, and in February 2015 they began a romantic relationship. Since then, the couple has been seen together again and again in public places and at events. Although they have been together for over three years, it is not known if the two have plans to spend the rest of their lives together. We hope that they do.

Where is Andrea Tantaros Now?

In 2016 Andrea Tantaros stopped appearing in both The Five and Outnumbered TV shows on Fox Network. This prompted her fans to find out about her whereabouts. Later, however, the political analyst made a revelation through a lawsuit she filed in August 2016. She claimed that she was approached by Fox News Executives because Roger Ailes sexually assaulted her in 2015.

According to Andrea, after the confrontation, she was soon demoted by the Five to Fox’s Outnumbered and eventually removed from the show entirely in April 2016. Since then, the case has not been closed, and in 2018 her claim was dismissed by a judge due to lack of evidence. Nevertheless, it is not known what Andrea Tantaros is currently up to, but we hope to keep you informed if we know anything.