Who Is Briana Jungwirth, What Is Her Relationship With Louis Tomlinson

Who Is Briana Jungwirth, What Is Her Relationship With Louis Tomlinson

Briana Jungwirth was only known as a creative hairstylist until she became pregnant with the English talent scout judge/singer/songwriter Louis Tomlinson. Her explosive fling with the X-Factor-Star, which resulted in a pregnancy and an abrupt separation from the singer after the birth of her son, made her soar to enormous popularity and made her the most googled female hairstylist of that time.

Described as shy but strong, Jungwirth had a hard time with the media and paparazzi after it became known that she was carrying the singer’s child. After the birth of her son, she continued to dominate several tabloids, due to her grumpy relationship with her baby father, her legal battle for custody of her son, her fight with Tomlinson’s girlfriend Danielle Campbell, her brief and controversial relationship with singer Jayk Purdy, and her online drama due to her broken relationship.

Briana may have broken off her relationship with the singer/songwriter, but her personal life has always been a topic of interest to many people for so many reasons. In this article, you will learn more about American hairdressers.

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Who Is Briana Jungwirth, What Is Her Relationship With Louis Tomlinson
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Who Is Briana Jungwirth?

Louis’ baby mama is the daughter of Joe Jungwirth, a construction manager, and Tammi Clark, an actress, and former bikini model. She was born in California on January 26, 1992. Briana’s parents went separate ways when she was ten years old, which led to her father’s tie with Karen Lawrence in 2007. Karen is a prominent singer/songwriter.

The Los Angeles-based hairstylist has a younger brother named Austin Jungwirth and a stepbrother named Brett Clark. They live together with Briana, their son, and their mother, the actress. Tammi is best remembered for her role in the television series Baywatch. Jungwirth is said to have attended Agoura High School and graduated in 2010.

As someone who values her privacy, it is no easy task to report in detail about Briana’s private life. However, we learned from reliable sources that she is currently working on California fashion shoots.

What Is Her Relationship With Louis Tomlinson?

Briana Jungwirth came into contact with Louis Tomlinson in April 2015 after the former Louis Tomlinson was introduced to the latter through a mutual friend. Out of admiration, the couple began to develop feelings for each other and eventually had a brief romance that led to a pregnancy. The news of Jungwirth’s pregnancy broke out only shortly after Loius separated from his long-time lover Eleanor Calder.

Who Is Briana Jungwirth, What Is Her Relationship With Louis Tomlinson
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Although Briana began dating the scout judge in April 2015, they were first seen together in public on May 4, 2015, when they left a Los Angeles-based club, The Argyle Club. Jungwirth’s pregnancy was publicly announced the following month, while her son Freddie Reign was welcomed into the world on January 21, 2016.

Despite the popularity of her little father, the hairdresser was never a big fan of his. She attended his band’s show only once before they joined forces. At the time her pregnancy became known, she was living in a rented hotel apartment that Tomlinson paid for.

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After the birth of Freddie Reign, the gap between his parents continued to grow to the point where Louis and his baby mama used social media to bang each other. On one occasion, X Factor star Briana missed a slap in the face for verbally attacking his girlfriend Danielle Campell on social media.

Jungwirth lost her temper with Danielle because she tried to play maternal roles in her son’s life. The hairdresser learned about this after images of Campell holding her son in her arms began to spread. Louis’ baby mama would then forbid him to see her child. This prompted the singer/songwriter to take immediate legal action against the hairdresser and to apply for joint custody of her son Freddie. However, the couple briefly reunited in January 2017 on Reign’s first birthday.

In addition to her relationship with Louis, Briana was also associated with Las Vegas-born music artist Jayk Purdy, with whom she was supposed to spend a few weeks in 2016. Purdy, a member of the boy band “After Romeo”, started dating the hairdresser after he had given up on Louis Tomlison. At that time, her relationship caused a stir in social media, as many people criticized Briana Jungwirth for her stormy relationships with men.