Who Is Dahvie Vanity, What Did He Do To Become Famous?

Who Is Dahvie Vanity, What Did He Do To Become Famous?

Dahvie Vanity (Jesus David Torres) had his fair share of the difficulties associated with being famous. While challenged for his uncanny sense of style and makeup, he was accused of being a child molester and is considered a pedophile in several circles. Although he boasts a huge fan base, many people have expressed that his songs suck. Jesus tried to ward off his suffering with songs like Crucified by Your Lies. Let us learn more about him, shall we?

Who Is Dahvie Vanity?

Dahvie Vanity is an American pop singer who was born on September 5, 1984, in North Carolina. He is a member and lead singer of the American band Blood on the Dance Floor. Dahvie comes from a poor family and grew up in a trailer. There is little information about Vanity’s family, but it is known that his parents have mixed opinions about his musical aspirations.

He has a half-sister with whom he shares a close bond. Since childhood, Vanity loved music and dreamed of making it big in the entertainment industry. In 2007 he formed a music band consisting of himself and his friends Christopher Mongillo and Rebecca Fugate. He called it Love the Fashion but later changed it to Blood on the Dance Floor. After working hard on an album, they successfully produced Let’s Start a Riot.

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Unfortunately, it was little or no promotion and could not impress the masses. They set out again and recorded their next album entitled It’s Hard to Be a Diamond in a Rhinestone World. After some time Christopher and Rebecca left the band because they could not participate in the tours in Orlando. After that, others joined and left the band of Vanity, including Garret Ecstasy (McLaughlin), Jayy Von Monroe, and Matty M. In 2009, only Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe remained. They produced many hit albums, Epic is one of them. They also toured America after the album hit number five in the Billboard charts.

Blood on the Dance Floor worked with several artists to release the album All the Rage!! in June 2011. This album also became a hit. In 2012 they released Evolution, their most successful album to date. In 2016 he posted on his Facebook page that he has retired Dahvie Vanity, that his new artist name will be Dahvie Insanity because he is no longer who he was when he started his career.

What Did He Do To Become Famous?

Who Is Dahvie Vanity, What Did He Do To Become Famous?
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Simply put, he did not give up! Dahvie’s fame came with the release of his album Evolution in 2012, which was after some previously released albums failed. His determination was remarkable. Aside from just pursuing his passion for music, Vanity took a meticulous approach to his work. Despite the rumors about him, he remained strong and unyielding. Unlike some artists who are brought down by strong criticism, Dahvie Vanity rejected all accusations against him and continued his singing career.

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There have been allegations that Dahvie has sexually abused several women, mostly minors, and these allegations date back to 2007. In fact, it is reported that he was arrested for sexual assault in 2009, and there is even a play detailing the claims of all the women he allegedly assaulted.

Dahvie Vanity has denied everything. Yes, there are always two sides to a story, and it is known that some people (haters) like to make allegations just to bring down celebrities. But in Dahvie’s case, these people did not hate him. In reality, they were his fans and friends. Some were even his employees. Were they all paid to make false claims against him? It’s hard to say.

Whether it’s true or not, these allegations don’t look good for the pop singer, and for most people, it’s difficult to agree on a particular side of the issue. What we do know is that Vanity keeps his cool in all these cases. He has not become depressed, nor has he taken drugs to relieve the pain associated with such claims. He is a strong man, and as the saying goes, “rumors make you or corrupt you”. Vanity has chosen to become famous because of the persistent rumors. He has still been seen uploading videos and songs to YouTube, his career is far from dead.