Who is David Njoku? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Him
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A fascinating offensive weapon with enormous speed and athleticism caught the attention of the Cleveland Browns in the draft of the National Football League (NFL) 2017. It is David Njoku, the American football tight end who played college football in Miami, where he scored 64 receptions over 1,060 yards and 9 touchdowns in 25 games over two full seasons.

Although the mad athlete has yet to achieve any significant successes and has much to accomplish if he is to find a place in NFL history, he is already on his way to a great career. In order to keep up with him, we should learn more about the things you should know about the Browns’ tight end.

David Njoku Bio

David Njoku was born on July 10, 1996, to Nigerian parents and was nominated for the Cleveland Browns in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft. Already at a young age (he started playing football in the 7th grade) he proved his athletic disposition and took part in athletic events as well as the high school field.

Who is David Njoku? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Him
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He played for Cedar Grove High School, New Jersey, where he also won the 2014 National High Jump Championship at the New Balance Nationals Outdoor as a senior. During his career on the school team, he caught 76 passes for 1,794 yards and scored 19 touchdowns. After his high school career, he transferred to the University of Miami, having previously committed to a college career with the Miami Hurricanes.

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While in college, he completed his first year (2014) but started four of 13 games played the following year, scoring 21 receptions over 362 yards and one touchdown. Njoku caught 43 passes for 698 yards and had 8 touchdowns in 2016, whereupon he decided to give up his remaining (2) years of eligibility and enter the 2017 NFL Draft.

After explaining the draft, he was invited to the NFL Combine and also participated in Pro Day in Miami. He completed all the combination and position exercises in the NFL Combine and also at the Pro Day in Miami where he did the vertical jump, long jump, short shuttle, 40-yard sprint, 20-yard sprint, and the 10-yard sprint.

David Njoku, an athletic pass catcher with a basketballer-like frame, was projected as a first-round pick and was ranked among the best tight ends on several platforms. True to predictions, he was placed 29th in the overall standings by the Cleveland Browns and was the third tight end to be selected. Upon his call-up, he signed a four-year contract with the team valued at $9.52 million, which included a signing bonus of $5.06 million.

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Him

NFL Career

David Njoku has always dreamed of becoming a soccer player since he was a child, not only in college but on a professional level. His dreams became reality, however, when the Browns caught him in 29th place in the overall standings. Dreams do come true, you agree.

He made his professional debut on September 10 when he scored two receptions over 20 yards in a 21-18 defeat to the Pittsburgh Steelers. The next game was his first touchdown in his career, starting with a 24-10 defeat to the Baltimore Ravens 3 passes for 27 yards. By the end of his rookie season, he had a total of 32 receptions for 386 yards and 4 TDs. He became the fifth tight end in league history when, at the age of 21, he scored 30 receptions and 300 yards behind Tony Gonzalez, Rob Gronkowski, Jason Witten, and Aaron Hernandez.

David Njoku, who has taken leave of a so-called “rookie” campaign, promises to be a shocker with a strong quarterback like Tyrod Taylor throwing passes to him. Although he showed some setbacks in training, he has proven to be sure-footed after the preliminaries and remains in work in his second season, which could be his breakout season.

David Njoku Family and Ethnicity

Njoku, who received the title of Chief David Njoku from his father, was born as the seventh of nine children, five girls and four boys, from her Igbo Nigerian parents, Innocent and Stella Njoku. The Tight End family is a cargo of talent: Three brothers play on the field, although the position of the most successful person in the family has not yet been determined.

After the birth of their first child, his parents emigrated from the West African country. His father, who was a boss in his home country, owned Trans Atlantic Airlines, but now works in the oil industry, while his mother, a 5’4″ woman-owned a clothing store, but now travels mainly on business with her husband.

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The duo has raised its pack to successful personalities in their chosen careers. The eldest son, Innocent Jr. is a neurosurgeon in upstate New York and graduated in medicine from Cornell, Chelsea is a nurse in New Jersey, Faith is studying medicine, Gladys was good at hops at Division III level and has a degree in mechanical engineering, and another girl named Happiness, who we do not know what she is currently doing.

His younger brother, a 6-6, 196-pound athlete, plays college football at the University of Miami on a sports scholarship. The youngest of the clan, Charles, a class of 2019 Wayne Hill Wide Receiver, has already received an offer from Rutgers University (David also received offers from the university before he finally chose Miami).

Height, Weight, Body Stats

Who is David Njoku? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Him
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In athletics, especially American football, a strong physique is required, which contributes to a great height and physical fitness. However, the narrow end of the browns has not proven to be deficient in these areas. With a height of four centimeters and a body weight of 246 pounds, Njoku has the ability, in combination with his strength, speed, and length, to create circumferential mismatches. His arm length is 35 1/4? and his hand size is 10?.

The crazy athlete with his high jump background not only lends credibility to his elite athletics but also goes beyond simply jumping over defenders. With a ton of power to harness and productively use, great body control, moves that are not common tight ends in the league, and the ability to collect yards after a catch, he would grow to be one of the best in the league if he continued to improve his game.