Who is Derrick Henry of NFL? His Age, Height, Teeth, NFL Draft and Other Facts

Who is Derrick Henry of NFL? His Age, Height, Teeth, NFL Draft and Other Facts

Derrick Henry is one of the greatest running backs you will ever see in the National Football League (NFL). This amazing football prodigy is known for his physical running style, superior speed, effective zone, gap, and power programs. Before his professional career, Henry held a national high school record for career running yards. He has also received several awards on his behalf. Learn more about his age, NFL draft, size, teeth, and other interesting facts below.

Who is Derrick Henry of the NFL?

Derrick Henry is an American football running back who is best known for his unparalleled running skills. He currently plays for the Tennessee Titans of the NFL. He completed his college career with the Alabama Crimson Tide and his high school career with the Yulee Hornets’ football team before he was voted 45th in the overall selection by the Titans in the second round of the 2016 NFL draft.

Who is Derrick Henry of NFL? His Age, Height, Teeth, NFL Draft and Other Facts
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Derrick Henry’s Biography (Age)

Derrick Lamar Henry Jr. was born on January 4, 1994, to African-American parents, Derrick Henry Sr. and his wife, Stacy Veal. Henry was raised by his late grandmother Gladys and grandfather Benjamin (who themselves had 14 children) in Yulee, Nassau County, Florida. During high school, Derrick moved in with his aunt Latrease and later with his middle school soccer coach J. T. Medley. Medley was more than just a coach, he was a mentor, and he helped Henry through high school and college.

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Derrick attended Yulee High School, where he started his soccer career. He was also active in other sports like basketball and athletics. In the position of running back for his school team, Henry had 26 touchdowns over 2,465 yards in his first year. The following year, he scored 38 touchdowns with 2,788 yards.

By the end of his high school career, he had a record of 153 touchdowns and 12,124 rushing yards. He was selected for the Eastern team that played in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl in 2013. He won Florida’s Mr. Football Award and was selected by USA Today to be on the high school’s All-American Team. In addition, Henry was awarded five stars by ESPN and was named the nation’s No. 1 athlete in 2013.

After graduating, Henry went to the University of Alabama, where he played college football from 2013 to 2015. In May 2018 he graduated with a diploma in communication. As a college freshman, Derrick scored three stormy touchdowns and 382 stormy yards. Because of his consistency, Spanish sports commentator Pablo Viruega called him “El Tractorcito”, meaning “The Little Tractor”. He also led his team to the 2014 Sugar Bowl, where he registered eight carries, one touchdown, and 100 rushing yards. In his second year, the star continued to improve his game, finishing the 2014 season with a total of 11 touchdowns, 172 carries, and 990 rush yards.

NFL Draft and Career Stats

Who is Derrick Henry of NFL? His Age, Height, Teeth, NFL Draft and Other Facts
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Derrick Henry was selected by the Tennessee Titans as the 45th overall candidate for the 2016 NFL draft. He was the second running back for selection in the draft. As a member of the Titans, Henry signed a four-year contract worth $5.40 million, including a signing bonus of $2.13 million.

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In his rookie season, Henry became a backup running back to DeMarco Murray. He finished his 2016 season with a record of 15 games, 5 touchdowns, 110 carries, and 490 rushing yards. The following year he had 15 games with 5 touchdowns, 176 carries, and 744 yards. In the 2017 postseason, he had a touchdown, 35 carries, and 184 rushing yards for the Titans.

Derrick Henry Height, Teeth, and Body Measurements

Derrick Henry is a very tall and handsome guy. Thanks to his long legs and his angular running style he is much better suited for teams that long for such lead backs and physicality. Despite his size, Henry has always impressed when he is on the field. Although he’s not as creative in the backfield, once he gets up with the ball, his outstanding ability to outwit his opponents is a nightmare. He stands at a height of 1.80 m and has a male physique. In addition, he has wonderful body measurements with an arm length of 33 inches, a hand size of 8¾ inches, and a bodyweight of 247 pounds.

In addition, Henry’s face has always been used for Internet memes since his college days because of the irregular arrangement of his teeth. But a quick look at the running back would now show a better smile. Looks like he’s got everything in order.

Other Interesting Facts about Derrick Henry

  • Derrick Henry was born on January 4, 1994, in Yulee, Nassau County, Florida.
  • He played high school football at Yulee High School and college football at the University of Alabama.
  • He won the Florida Mr. Football Award and was named the country’s No. 1 sportsman in 2013.
  • Henry won the Heisman Trophy and five other awards in 2015.
  • Derrick Henry was voted 45th overall by the Tennessee Titans in the 2016 NFL draft