Who Is Dondre Whitfield? His Wife, Parents, Family, Net Worth, Height

Who Is Dondre Whitfield? His Wife, Parents, Family, Net Worth, Height

Dondre Whitfield is a three-time Emmy Award-nominated African-American actor who played Hollywood sitcom with Bill Cosby in the famous 80s and 90s, “The Cosby Show” (1985-1987). However, he is best known for his role in another highly acclaimed sitcom, All My Children (1991-1994), which earned him his nominations for the award.

Whitfield, who due to his inability to age gives the impression that he has access to the Fountain of Youth, has managed to remain relevant to the fragile Hollywood film industry for over 30 years while continuing to fascinate audiences with his various roles and abilities.

Who Is Dondre Whitfield?

Dondre Whitfield was born on May 27, 1969, in Brooklyn, New York. But although he quotes New York as his hometown, Whitfield has said that his family originally comes from the South, North Carolina to be precise.

As he grew up, a young Whitfield experienced America’s ugly side, which is racism. In his story “I Am Just Like U,” which aims to motivate young black men to reach their full potential, he said he could have gone to jail if he had reacted badly when he and his friends were thrown stones at him because they used a restaurant that black people were not allowed to patronize, in a section in Queens, New York.

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Also, like any other child from that time, especially in his neighborhood, he was exposed to gangs but decided to direct his energy toward a better and more productive outcome. He then enrolled at Performing Arts High School in New York City, where he quickly grasped the subtleties of art and combined them with his God-given talent.

Dondre Whitfield’s first trip to acting was at the age of 16. He was cast to play the role of Robert Foreman, the love interest of Vannessa Huxtable, in the most seen sitcom in television history, The Cosby Show. The role, which was repeated, lasted six episodes over a period of two years and led him to other works in television series and movies.

In 1986 he appeared in an episode of “Different Strokes” before receiving an unappreciated appearance in “Bright Lights, Big City” (1988) and an esteemed one in “Homeboy” (1988) and “Homeboyz II: Crack City” (1989). His next big role, however, was a recurring one in the ABC soap opera “Another World”.

From there he went on to the soap opera “All My Children”, where he played the role of Terrence Frye. Whitfield’s acting earned him five prize nominations, three Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series and two Soap Opera Digest Awards.

After leaving “All My Children” in 1994, he made sure his acting reach was expanded by deciding to move away from daytime television. Since then he has appeared in series such as Nash Bridges (1996), The Jamie Foxx Show (1996), The Crew (1995-1996), Between Brothers (1997-1999), Living in Captivity (1998), Secret Agent Man (2000) and Girlfriends (2001-2002) among many others.

Whitfield can be seen in films in the sci-fi thriller ‘Alien Fury: Countdown to Invasion’ (2000). He also appeared with Vivica A. Fox in ‘Two Can Play That Game’ (2001) and in Helen Mirren’s film ‘Happy Birthday’ (2001).

Recently Dondre Whitfield received a role in the Oprah Winfrey Network drama series “Queen Sugar”. He also joined the star cast of the BET reality comedy series “Real Husbands of Hollywood”, which includes Kevin Hart, Nick Cannon, Nelly, and Robin Thicke.

Dondre Whitfield’s Net Worth

Dondre Whitfield is estimated to have a net worth of around $1 million, which he has earned through his long and enduring career in front of the camera, as it is unclear whether he has other business interests.

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His Family – Parents, Wife, and Kids

There is no available information about the parents of Dondre Whitfield. However, he described both his mother and grandmother as the most profound people in his life before he was married to his wife and had a daughter.

Whitefield is married to the actress Salli Richardson. The couple exchanged vows in 2002 after a one-year relationship and now have two children; daughter Parker Richardson Whitfield and son Dre Terrell Whitfield.

Height, Weight, and Other Facts

Birth Name: Dondre Terrell Whitfield

Date of Birth: May 27, 1969

Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A

Height: Not Available

Weight: Not Available

Birth Sign: Gemini