Who Is Gaijin Goomba? His Wife and Everything Else You Should Know

Who Is Gaijin Goomba? His Wife and Everything Else You Should Know

Gaijin Goomba is far from the average YouTube video player. Gaijin Goombah loves everything that is Japanese and is committed to sharing with the world the knowledge he has acquired from the cultures and religions of the world.

He gained fame as one of the contributors to the over-popular educational and entertainment channel The Game Theorist, which has over 10 million subscribers. Gaijin also has a personal YouTube channel with over 500K subscribers. Here you will find everything there is to know about him.

Who Is Gaijin Goomba?

Gaijin Goomba, whose real name is Michael Sundman, was born in the United States on September 5, 1984. Although Goombah was born and raised in the American culture, more precisely in Texas, he developed a passion for Japanese culture in his teenage years. Gaijin dedicated his life to studying Japanese history, including the country’s relations with other Asian countries such as Korea and China, as well as Japan’s relations with European countries and, of course, America.

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Who Is Gaijin Goomba? His Wife and Everything Else You Should Know
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From his study of Japan, Gaijin Goomba developed an interest in other cultures of the world. After years of learning so much about cultures and a little religion, Gaijin Goomba tried to share his knowledge with the world, especially with the younger generation. To do this, the nerd Gaijin watched video games, anime, and movies.

Gaijin Goomba began to gain ground online in 2012 when his works caught the attention of the creator of game theorist Mattew Patrick. Mattew Patrick, or MatPat as he is known, brought Gaijin Goomba on his team along with three others (including Drake McWhorter, Austin Hourigan, and Ronnie Edward), and together they were known as The Game Theorists.

The station, which today has over 10 million subscribers and more than 1.7 billion viewers, focuses on video game analysis.

Gaijin immediately stood out as the host of Game Exchange. The show focuses on the cultural differences of video games. It also deals with folklore and mythology to explain the peculiarities of foreign games, especially games with Japanese culture. Gaijin is also the host of Game Exchange: Culture Shook, a sub-exhibition of Game Exchange.

Gaijin Goomba launched his own YouTube channel on January 6, 2012. He designed his avatar based on Goombo. Goombo is a common enemy, a subspecies of Goombas found in Super Mario Land. He is basically a dangerous wandering fungus and was called Chibibos in Japanese before the release of Super Mario Land for the virtual console that revealed their English names.

The avatar in typical Gaijin Goomba fashion is dressed in traditional Japanese robes and sandals and resembles Michael, who wears his glasses and has a small beard similar to Michael’s. He also has a sword called Pixel Cuttler strapped to his back. The avatar has evolved over the years.

Besides YouTube, Gaijin Goomba is also appropriately present on other social media platforms, including Twitter. He set up his Twitter account on March 8, 2012. On the occasion of his joining the platform, Goomba twittered: “March 8, 2012, I finally take the advice of my fans and start a Twitter account”.

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Goomba also has a Twitch account and a Patreon account. He focused more on Patreon, citing the imponderables of the advertising revenue system and YouTube’s volatile algorithm, which in his opinion made it difficult to increase his views and revenues. Gaijin was able to use his Patreon to create a new show called Which Ninja. Which Ninja discredits all ninja things. Gaijin analyses modern ninja characters and checks them for authenticity.

Gaijin Goomba  Wife

Who Is Gaijin Goomba? His Wife and Everything Else You Should Know

Gaijin Goomba is married to Akiterra Goombah, another YouTube star who hosts Akis Pixel Pets on the YouTube channel of GaijinGoomba. In many of Gaijin Goomba’s videos, his wife’s voice can be heard while she plays video games with him. Her real name is Sarah and she was born on January 30, 1987. She comes from Joplin in Arkansas. Goomba’s wedding with his wife was broadcast live on Goomba’s channel. He has an anime video of the meeting of the two on his channel.

Other Facts To Know About Gaijin

1. His nickname Gaijin Goomba was inspired by his love for Japanese culture. “Gaijin” is the Japanese word for a foreigner, anyone who is not Japanese. Goombah is a species of enemies in the video game “Super Mario Land”. Goombah literally means a high-ranking member of a criminal gang. It is a slang expression used in the USA to refer to Italians who belong to a gang.

2. When news spread that The Game Theorist had lost one of its members in 2018, many speculated it was Gaijin, but on the contrary, it was Ronnie Edward who died. He committed suicide on July 4, 2018. He was 25 years old.