Who is Hilde Osland and What Do We Know About The Instagram Star?

Who is Hilde Osland and What Do We Know About The Instagram Star?

In order to become a model, aspirants had to participate in various modeling contests for years or hope to be discovered by a random modeling scout while going about their daily lives. But since the advent of photo-sharing platforms like Instagram, the world has been at the feet of aspiring models and through them, a number of names have achieved or consolidated their place as models. One of them is Hilde Osland, model, dancer, and singer.

Hilde Osland’s career goes beyond Instagram, having appeared in the show “As the Bell Rings” and participated in competitions with Idol Norway. She is also an entrepreneur with a Bachelor’s degree in her name. Simply put, there is a lot to learn about her and you will learn all about her here.

Hilde Osland Biography

She was born on 8 September 1987 in Telemark, Norway, and grew up with her parents in Bergen, Norway, and later in Melbourne, Australia. Not much is known about Hilde’s childhood, but we found out that she grew up with a passion for singing and dancing. While she was looking for ways to fulfill her wish as a singer, she continued her education and eventually earned a degree in accounting from RMIT University.

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One would have expected Hilde Osland to give up her interest in show business after her bachelor’s degree, but instead, she took a big step and signed up to audition for the sixth season of Idol Norway. Although she never won the competition, she left a solid impression on viewers and judges, enough to see a surge of followers on her YouTube channel, a Hilde Osland channel of the same name, which she launched before the show. On the channel Hilde sings covers of various popular songs like Say Something, These Boots Are Made For Walking, etc.

Soon after, Hilde Osland turned to model and through Instagram, she began to attract a number of brands that wanted to use her growing popularity in the modeling world to promote their products, which ranged from bikinis to lingerie. She was able to cultivate a following of more than 1.3 million followers and she continued to use her brand to create her own shopping platform, buymyclothers.com. Some of her partner brands are one by one, Zanic Boutique, White Fox, Mura Boutique, and ASOS. Although none of them are traditional high-end luxury brands, they have reached a large number of potential customers with their mid-range product range.

In addition to singing and modeling, Hilde Osland is also a dancer who is part of Patrick Studios Australia and is well versed in dance styles such as ballet, jazz, and tap.

Her other work in show business includes appearances on the Disney show As the Bell Rings.

Who is Hilde Osland and What Do We Know About The Instagram Star?
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How much is She Worth?

Hilde Osland is an entrepreneur who has her own online store, and along with popularity in social media that makes her a viable target for fashion brands looking to promote their products, combined with her work as a model for brands such as ASOS and White Fox, she has amassed an estimated six-figure fortune.

Hilde Osland’s Family Details

As for Hilde Osland’s parents, there is very little information about the Norwegian model. She was raised by parents who have supported her in her quest to make a name for herself in show business. Not much is known about her, but we know for sure that she was raised in Norway and Melbourne, Australia. Her mother was seen in the audience during her audition for Idol Norway.

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Who is Her Boyfriend?

Hilde Osland, being a beautiful woman, has no shortage of men or women who would like the chance to be her romantic partner, and while there are a lot of people who have expressed interest in her commentary sections on Instagram, her romantic interest is focused on one man, James Lewis Foster.

They’ve supposedly been together for quite some time. James Lewis Foster is known as a photographer.

Height, Weight, and Body Measurements of Hilde Osland

Her beauty was one of the driving factors of her success and physically everything exists in a body profile with a height of 5 feet 7 inches and a body weight of 68kg. Her body shape is defined by body measurements of 31, 23, and 31 inches for her chest, waist, and hips. Apart from her curves and height, Hilde Osland has blonde hair and blue eyes.