Who Is Kelly Rebecca Nichols, Alex Jones’ Ex-Wife? Read About Her Here

Who Is Kelly Rebecca Nichols – Alex Jones’ Ex-Wife? Read About Her Here

Kelly Rebecca Nichols is the ex-wife of the controversial American radio host Alex Jones. After her divorce and subsequent custody dispute with her estranged husband, she attracted nationwide attention.

Nichols, who worked with PETA’s public relations department, was no stranger to controversy herself as she was involved in several promotions for the nonprofit animal rights organization. One of these stunts involved Vogue editor Anna Wintour, who had a dead raccoon thrown onto her plate while eating at a Four Seasons restaurant in New York.

Kelly Rebecca Nichols Biography

Kelly Rebecca Nichols was born on July 2, 1968, in Travis County, Texas, as one of three children of her parents; Sandra Kay Heiligman and Edmund Lowe Nichols. Her two siblings are James Edmund Nichols (her brother) and sister Jill Elizabeth Nichols.

Nichols’ father Edmund is a convicted criminal who was guilty in 1993 of violating the federal law on financial conflicts of interest. Prior to that, he was a high-ranking diplomat for the United States government.

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Her Marriage and Divorce From Alex Jones

Kelly Rebecca Nichols married the controversial media personality Alex Jones, described as America’s leading conspiracy theorist, in 2007. After her marriage, Nichols unofficially changed her name to Violet Jones. The couple had three children, a son and two daughters before Nichols filed a divorce suit against her husband on December 2013. It has been widely reported that Nichols was urged to divorce her husband because of his alleged affair with one of his co-workers, Lee Ann McAdoo. The divorce took place in March 2015.

Alex Jones was ordered by the court to pay Nichols the sum of $3.1 million. He was also ordered to hand over the keys and papers to her villa in Austin, Texas. Jones, however, received full custody of her three children.

Custody Battle

Nichols went back to court to fight the verdict and said that her ex-husband was mentally unstable and also a criminal. She quoted his numerous outbursts in his show, of which he is one, hoping Jennifer Lopes will be raped while threatening Congressman Adam Schiff and actor Alec Baldwin. Nichols repeated that Jones was no role model for their children and that if the court let him have them, they would turn out worse than he is.

In the end, the court awarded joint custody and gave Kelly the authority to decide where her children would live.

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About Alex Jones

Alex Jones made a name for himself as a conspiracy theory that drives the host of a radio show in Austin, Texas. He was born on February 11, 1974, as Alexander Emric Jones in Dallas, Texas, for Carol and David Jones. His father David worked as a dentist while his mother was a housewife.

Jones attended Anderson High School in Austin, where he played as a lineman on the school’s football team. He then attended but fell out of the Austin Community College before he hosts his career as a live, call-in format in public access cable TV program.

Later, he switched to moderating a radio show on the KJFK station but was fired because he hadn’t broadened his topics and made it difficult for the station to sell the show to advertisers. Jones then began broadcasting his own show over the Internet from home. Around this time he also founded the fake news and conspiracy theory website infowars.com.

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Two years later, Jones’ show called “Alex Jones Show” became so popular that it was broadcast on about 100 radio stations in the USA. His audience for his show and website continued to grow over the years, as did his reputation as a champion of national sovereignty, anti-world government and the New World Order.

Some of the conspiracies Alex Jones has tackled are the white genocide conspiracy theory that promotes abortion, mass immigration and racial integration in white countries to make whites a minority. Another, among many others, is the theory of weather weapons conspiracy, which states that the government has the ability to control the weather and use it as a weapon.

Alex Jones has created a number of other websites, including NewsWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com. Through these websites, Jones has managed to sell a huge amount of different consumer goods including bulletproof vests and dietary supplements. He is an avid weapons lawyer who is said to own about 50 firearms.