Who Is Kevon Looney? Bio, Height, Weight, Body Measurements

Who Is Kevon Looney? Bio, Height, Weight, Body Measurements

Kevon Looney plays for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He has shown great tenacity and determination throughout his professional career and has been admired by stakeholders for his courage. Kevon was determined to play basketball and refused to quit even after a serious injury. After several challenges, he was named a regular player with the Warriors in the 2017-18 season.

Who Is Kevon Looney? – Bio

He was born on February 6, 1996, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Growing up Looney looked up to his older brother, who was a big fan of Kobe Bryant, and watched clips of him showing his moves on the court. Young Kevon attended Alexander Hamilton High School in Milwaukee and was remarkable in basketball. During his time with Alexander Hamilton, he was the best player in the game. Looney was so good in high school that he received offers from the Marquette and Wisconsin public schools. In his junior year, he scored 26.1 points, 3.1 assists per game, 12.4 rebounds than his average. His last season with the school ended with an average of 27.9 points, 12.7 rebounds, 7.0 assists, and 8.0 blocks per game. After a successful high school career, he transferred to the University of California in 2013.

Upon arrival, however, he suffered a hip injury and missed three games. The following season, Kevin became one of the best freshmen in the country. At the season opener, he scored 20 points, three assists, and nine rebounds in a 113:78 victory over the state of Montana. Looney got better and better with the shooting as he advanced in the team, and was called a first-year lottery winner by many analysts.

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Who Is Kevon Looney? Bio, Height, Weight, Body Measurements
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In 2015, the baller became a professional after deciding to leave college and declare him NBA Draft of the Year. The move did not go as smoothly as expected, however, as his draft stick faded due to concern over his hip injury. But eventually, he was selected by the Golden Stae Warriors in the final selection of the first round of the draft. He then underwent hip surgery in August of the same year. In January 2016 the Warriors assigned him to their D-League subsidiary Santa Cruz Warriors. However, his hip injuries kept coming back and prevented him from actively participating in matches.

Looney recovered in the 2017-18 season and became a regular rotation player, scoring nine points in a 4-4 shootout and five rebounds in a 120-117 win over Washington. Stronger and more determined, he played longer minutes, still playing excellent rebounds. In July 2018 he signed a new contract with the Golden State Warriors.

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Kevon Looney Net Worth

With a salary of $1,567,007 per year, Kevon Looney certainly has a promising future in the prestigious NBA league. Looney was the tenth best-paid player in the Golden State Warriors in 2018, with a 6.49 percent increase in profits in the same year.

Who Is Kevon Looney? Bio, Height, Weight, Body Measurements
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Family – Parents, Brother, Sister

Kevon was born the son of parents Victoria Looney and Doug Looney, who are devout Christians and raised their children with strong Christian values. Looney’s mother remembers how the doctors advised against his birth and how she supported the pregnancy with prayers. The Looneys are very united and strongly committed to their family values.

The basketball player has two older siblings, his sister Summer and his brother Kevin, who is also a basketball player. Kevin’s love and dedication to basketball made Kevon fall in love with the game himself. Kevin, a strong shooter and an admirer of Kobe Bryant, often took Kevon along to play with him and teach him some unique skills. Looney has a cousin named Nick Young who also plays in the NBA.

Body Measurements – Height, Weight

Kevon Looney has a body to match his massive career. He stands at a height of 2.06 m (6ft 9in), which is quite proportional to his weight of 200 kg (220lbs). Although he has lost 14 kg after his recovery, Looney still balances these measurements with his strong-looking physique, which includes his 7ft-4in (2.24m) wingspan.