Who Is Marshmello? Net Worth & Facts About The DJ

Who Is Marshmello? Net Worth & Facts About The DJ

His face may not be as recognizable as that of other disc jockeys like DJ Khaled or Diplo, but Christopher Comstock, more commonly known as Marshmello, is just as famous and has a global audience that recognizes him through his Marshmellow helmet.

Marshmello, who is a YouTuber, a DJ, and a producer, is part of a growing list of masked DJs that includes such famous names as Daft Punk and Deadmau5. As a producer, he has two albums to his name and has been nominated for over 18 awards, including the Billboard Music Awards. As YouTuber, Marshmello has over 35 million subscribers with over 6 billion views of his channel. Learn more about the DJ/Music Producer’s music and YouTube career below.

Who is Marshmello?

When he released his first song, Wavez, on the music platform SoundCloud, nobody knew him or the massive superstar he was to become, but it was the first domino to fall in a series of dominoes that made Christopher Comstock a global star.

Popularly known as Marshmello, but also as Dotcom, he was born on May 19, 1992, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the son of unknown parents. Marshmello has claimed that he has no interest in becoming a celebrity, and as a result, some background information about him has remained unknown, including his academic travels.

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As his songs gained ground on SoundCloud, as he released more of them, including support for established musician Skrillex, Marshmello began to make the transition from SoundCloud to the real world by performing in venues such as Pomona and Pier 94 in New York. He was also given the opportunity to perform at Miami Music Week, further cementing his growing popularity and success.

Who Is Marshmello? Net Worth & Facts About The DJ
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His music, which is classified as electronic music, has gained several fans and he has been able to work with various musicians, including stars from other musical genres such as Selena Gomez and Khalid.

With his rising music career, Marshmello released his first album Joytime in January 2016. The album was praised by the critics and was a commercial success, especially songs like Keep It Mello and Alone. The album went platinum in several countries around the world, including the USA and Canada, and reached fifth place in the Billboard Dance/Electronic Songs Charts.

After announcing that he was more than just a flux, Marshmello went on tour and released another album, Joytime II, which did not receive critical acclaim for his first album. However, the album peaked at #165 on the US Billboard 200 and #1 on the Dance/Electronic Album Charts. In addition to his two albums, he has also released an EP, Roll the Dice, which was released in April 2019. It was a joint project with the rappers, SOB X RBE.

Besides his music, Marshmello has a YouTube channel named after his stage name Marshmello. Although the channel also focuses on his music, it is also a gaming and cooking channel and has over 35 million subscribers and his videos have registered over 6.1 billion hits.


The combination of his YouTube and music success has made Marshmello a superstar of electronic music and he has collaborated with several other musicians including the band, Bastille, rapper Logic, and singer Anne-Marie.

Marshmello Net worth

His face may not be recognizable, but his work is not, and through it, he has been able to build up a massive financial wealth, estimated at a net worth Is $21 million.

Who Is Marshmello? Net Worth & Facts About The DJ
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His income comes from both his music and his YouTube channel, where he probably earns up to $1 million a month and $12.3 million a year in advertising revenue on YouTube.

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Personal Life

It goes without saying that a man who interacts with the public wearing a mask is one who is not courting personal fame and who has led to a lack of information about his personal life. As for Marshmello’s private life, especially his romantic relationships, no information is known about the renowned DJ.

Other facts about Marshmello

Marshmello is also a philanthropist and has raised several million dollars for charity through his work with Fortnite and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
Marshmello has a known height of 6 feet 2 inches.
His name was chosen by Forbes Magazine in November 2018 after an investigation as Christophe