Who Is Michael Symon’s Wife Liz Shanahan & How Long Have They Been Married?

Who Is Michael Symon’s Wife Liz Shanahan & How Long Have They Been Married?

Being the spouse of a popular reality TV show star can be a difficult task, especially when that person is Michael Symon, a restaurant, cooking and TV star who has had a huge influence on gourmets across America. However, it is a task that Liz Shanahan has handled with grace, so that she deserves recognition not only as his wife but also as her own person. let’s find out a few facts about Michael Symon’s Wife

In this article, we introduce Michael Symon’s wife, Liz Shanahan, who she is, her profession, and everything you need to know about her marriage. Take a look at this below.

Who is Michael Symon’s Wife – Liz Shanahan?

Her exact year of birth is unknown, but it is believed that Liz Shanahan was born somewhere in Georgia, USA, sometime in the 1960s, on March 30. Unlike her husband, whose background is very open, Liz Shanahan’s background is shrouded in mystery, with facts about her parents and an unknown education.

Who Is Michael Symon’s Wife Liz Shanahan & How Long Have They Been Married?
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However, we know that Liz Shanahan’s relationship with food did not begin with Michael Symon. It began when she started cooking at a young age and entered the food industry as a restaurant worker after high school.

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Her career path in the restaurant world took her from one restaurant to another until it led her to the one where her current husband, Michael Symon, worked.

Aside from the romantic relationship that developed from working together, they ventured into business together and began Liz Shanahan’s career as a restaurant owner. Together, the partners opened their first restaurant in Cleveland’s Tremont in 1997, which they named Lola.

Their first joint venture was a success, and they were featured in Gourmet Magazine in October 2000, earning them the title of one of America’s best restaurants. Following the success of their first venture, Liz Shanahan and her husband/business partner expanded their portfolio of restaurants with the Lolita, which was also based in Cleveland.

Although the Lolita no longer exists, the partners’ portfolio includes other restaurants such as Bar Symon, Roast, Mabel’s BBQ, and B Spot.

In addition to her partnership with Michael Symon, Liz Shanahan also runs her own restaurant management, which has earned her a considerable fortune.

What is Michael Symon’s Wife – Liz Shanahan’s Net Worth?

Speaking of wealth: Liz Shanahan may not have the TV popularity and national recognition that her husband enjoys as a professional chef, but she has built up a considerable fortune through her business relationships as a restaurant owner.

Michael Shanahan’s wife has accumulated an estimated net worth of $1 million, which is considerable for a career in the food industry spanning more than two decades.

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How Long Have Michael Symon and Liz Shanahan Been Married?

When Michael Symon and Liz Shanahan first met, Liz was a married woman dedicated to a man whose identity remains part of her mysterious background.

Who Is Michael Symon’s Wife Liz Shanahan & How Long Have They Been Married?
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While married to him, she had a child with her ex-husband, but the marriage began to break up shortly after she met Michael Symon. As she became increasingly emotionally available, she and Michael became closer and soon began dating, until she finally married in 1994.

Since then they have stayed together, both as a couple and as business partners. During the time they were married they had no children of their own, but Michael is a stepfather to their son Kyle from their previous marriage. He was born in 1988, two years before Michael and Liz Shanahan first met in 1990.

In addition to their son, Michael Shanahan’s wife and husband also have two dogs, Ruby and Ozzy, the first being a bull mastiff, while the second is an old English breed.

Despite extensive business interest in Cleveland, the couple currently live in New York, in a West Village Townhouse in a $5.14 million home. Before moving to their New York mansion, they lived in Cleveland until 2013, when they moved to the Big Apple.

Other Facts About Liz Shanahan

1 Although Liz Shanahan owns and manages a number of barbecue sites, she is a vegetarian herself.

2. while Liz Shanahan has an estimated net worth of $1 million, her husband, Michael Symon, has a net worth of $4 million.

3 In addition to restaurants, Liz and her husband also own other businesses, such as an online shopping store, HSN, which was founded in 2018. Through this store, they sell cookware and kitchenware.