Who Is Shroud’s Girlfriend Hannah Kennedy (Bnans)? 6 Things To Know

Who Is Shroud’s Girlfriend ‘Hannah Kennedy’ (Bnans)? 6 Things To Know

A few decades ago, video games were just animated forms of entertainment that entertained young men and women, with adults losing their minds to how much their children were immersed in them. But like every form of entertainment in recent years, it has exploded in popularity and has become more than just a hobby, but a legitimate profession. One of the people who have made a profession out of it is Hannah Kennedy, more commonly known as Bnans.

Hannah Kennedy, or Bnans as she is most commonly called, is one of the most popular names in professional gaming and twitch streaming, in part due to her talent as a player and also due to her relationship with another popular player, Michael Grzesiek, known as Shroud.

For those of you who want to know more about Hannah Kennedy, we’ve listed six things you should know about her below.

Hannah Kennedy (Bnans) – Biography

Hannah Kennedy was born on July 2, 1990, in Southern California. Not much is known about her background, neither about her childhood nor about her parents. However, we do know that she has been a gamer since she was old enough to handle a controller. Since the age of six, Bnans has been involved in games such as Oregon Trail and Concentration and has fallen in love with the art of gaming.

Who Is Shroud’s Girlfriend ‘Hannah Kennedy’ (Bnans)? 6 Things To Know
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She is a high school and college graduate who is making a career on two fronts: as a design professional, as a digital marketer, and as a professional video gamer.

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Six Things You Should Know

She got her name ‘Bnans’ when she was a child

Nicknames are interesting things; they are identities created by people who love us and value their presence in our lives. When Hannah Kennedy was a child, she received her first nickname from her family members, Hannah Banana. It was a cute nickname that played on her cuteness and has remained with her ever since. Over the years she simply evolved into Banana, as she was called as a teenager, and later into Bnans, which has now become her public name.

Hannah Kennedy has a variety of favorite games

Anyone familiar with the world of games knows that it is impossible to be emotionally attached to a title. This is due to the development of video games and the excellence that has made the games industry a multi-billion dollar industry. For Hannah Kennedy, she has taken titles like Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six from the hundreds of games that exist: Siege, Player Unknown Battlegrounds, Fate (1&2), which are all shooter games.

Hannah is a cross-platform gamer

The war between Xbox and PlayStation fans will probably last forever, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t people who like to swing both ways. Hannah Kennedy (Bnans), is one such person, and she has gone way beyond PlayStation and Xbox. She has also played on other game platforms like Nintendo and Sega.

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Bnans is a tattoo enthusiast

There are many things you could learn from Hannah Kennedy if you follow her on social media via Twitch, Twitter, and Instagram, but one of the most fascinating things you could discover is her tattoo collection, which includes a very eye-catching tattoo arm.

She has a total of eight tattoos on her body, one of which is the giant sleeve, and seven more are scattered all over her body. Some of them are an Ohio outline on her foot, swallows on her hips, a dove on her right wrist, a ship on her thigh, and stars on her back.

Who Is Shroud’s Girlfriend ‘Hannah Kennedy’ (Bnans)? 6 Things To Know
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She is in a relationship with Michael Grzesiek aka Shroud

Perhaps more than her own video game life, Hannah Kennedy is also known for her relationship with Michael Grzesiek, the professional video game player. The two are supposedly together since 2017. Shroud is a professional gamer who has participated in several high-profile gaming competitions, including the ELeague Season 1 and Esports Championship Series. He has both a Twitch and a YouTube account, both of which belong to Shroud. He has over 11 million followers on both platforms.

She has a strong presence on social media

Hannah Kennedy, or Bnans, may not share her boyfriend’s level of popularity, but she too has done pretty well. She has over 170 thousand followers on Twitch and has seen her streamed videos over three million times. On YouTube, she has over 50 thousand subscribers, while she has over 100 thousand followers on Twitter and Instagram. In all her social media accounts she calls herself @Bnans, the name of her profile.