Who is Susie Hariet (Dan Steven’s Wife)? Here are Facts About The Dancer

Who is Susie Hariet (Dan Steven’s Wife)? Here are Facts About The Dancer

In recent years, the popularity of English actor Dan Stevens, who has performed unforgettable feats in popular projects such as Beauty and the Beast and the Fox Show Legion, has increased significantly. The increased profile as an actor has also encouraged interest in his personal life, where he is married to Susie Hariet, a dancer and jazz singer.

Susie Hariet has been married to the actor since 2009 and during this time has participated in the rise of the actor both in his home country and in Hollywood. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about Susie Hariet and her relationship with the actor.

Susie Hariet Biography

Susie Hariet was born on 22 December 1975 in South Africa. Not much is known about her background, not even about the identity of her parents, but it is known that she was born of a mother who was also a member of the creative community. Through her mother, who worked as an actress, Susie developed an affinity for the creative arts and has explored this area in various forms, as a jazz singer, singing teacher, dancer and actress.

Who is Susie Hariet (Dan Steven’s Wife)? Here are Facts About The Dancer
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After completing her education she moved to England where she began to work professionally in the creative field. She began to work as a jazz singer, among other things as a singer. She also worked as a theatre actress, where she took part in various plays and musicals.

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Susie Hariet also worked as an actress on the big screen and appeared in several projects such as the short film Worth, in which she played the wife. She also acted in another short film, The Dark Room, in which she appeared as a nameless redhead. Her only film so far is the movie Don’t Forget Me, in which she played a character named Suze.

Besides looking after her family, Susie Hariet also works as a singing teacher. She is also an incredible support for her husband, Dan Stevens, and has been seen with him at various red carpet events.

Her husband Dan Stevens is a renowned actor who has conquered the world of stage and film acting. He has appeared in several films and television shows, including such famous personalities as Night at the Museum, Beauty and the Beast, Downton Abbey, Legion, and many others.

His work has earned him several awards and nominations from various awarding bodies, including Screen Actors Guild Awards, Teen Choice Awards, IGN Summer Movie Awards, Monte Carlo TV Festival and several others.

Relationship with Dan Stevens

In 2006 Susie Hariet and Dan Stevens met while they were both performing as theatre actors in Sheffield, England. Although they were performing at different theatres at the time and seeing each other for the first time after their respective plays, they began a relationship, ignoring the possible obstacles in their path, including the seven-year age difference between Susie and Dan.

Who is Susie Hariet (Dan Steven’s Wife)? Here are Facts About The Dancer
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They dated for three years before deciding to take their relationship to the next level by getting engaged and finally getting married in a private ceremony in front of friends and family in 2009.

Since their marriage, they have welcomed three children into their family, the first being a daughter, Willow, who was born shortly after their marriage in 2009. The second, a son, Aubrey, was born in 2012, and their third child, Eden, was born in 2016. They started their family in London, where they lived together until 2012, when Susie Hariet and her family moved to the USA, more precisely to Brooklyn, New York.

In addition to Brooklyn as their main residence, they also spend time in South Africa, especially in Johannesburg in Susie’s home country.

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Other Facts About Susie Hariet

Although her exact net worth is not known, we know that Susie Hariet is worth a considerable amount, probably in the six-figure range. Her husband, on the other hand, has net worths of $6 million.

She may be older than her husband, but no bigger than him. She has a modest height of six feet six inches, which is shorter than her husband’s height of five feet.

Susie’s husband, Dan Stevens, was adopted at birth by parents who were teachers. He grew up in Wales and southeast England.

When they first met, Dan Stevens played in the play “The Romans in Britain at the Crucible”.