Who Is Tamiko Bolton, George Soros’ Wife, Her Age, Net Worth And Other Facts

Who Is Tamiko Bolton – George Soros’ Wife, Her Age, Net Worth And Other Facts

Tamiko Bolton really came into the spotlight when she started dating billionaire George Soros, whom she later married. But she had a lot to do with her even before she got married and she remains a personality who fascinates many people time and again. In the following, we take a deeper look at the wife of one of the richest men in the world.

Tamiko Bolton Bio – Age

Tamiko Bolton was born in 1971 as the son of her mother, a Japanese-American nurse, and a retired naval commander. The couple raised their daughter in California and Tamiko Bolton later went to the University of Utah for her first degree before receiving an MBA from the University of Miami.

She would use her education well to start a career that included both education and pharmacy. She has been described as an American educational consultant and licensed pharmacist and is also an entrepreneur. Initially, she worked as a consultant in the education and health sectors. She then moved to her own company online, which sold dietary supplements and vitamin products. A newer online platform, which she also launched, offers yoga training.

Tamiko Bolton married for the first time in the 90s. The marriage didn’t last long and the identity of her first husband is unknown.

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George Soros’ Wife

Becoming the wife of George Soros was definitely a new chapter in Tamiko Bolton’s life. George Soros became known as “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England” after following his historical trading practices in which he took over the Bank of England and bet on the devaluation of the British pound. His fame and fortune grew from then on, equating him with some of the richest men in the world.

Tamiko Bolton is George Soros’ third wife. The two are said to have met at a dinner party in 2008. George Soros suggested Tamiko in mid-2012 while they were in the Hamptons for a weekend. Tamiko Bolton’s commitment to 83-year-old George Soros was announced in his summer house in Southampton, New York, until August 2012.

The two married in September 2013 in a small ceremony at Soros Bedford, New York. Among the 500 invited wedding guests, which included both immediate family members and foreign dignitaries, were a number of prominent guests. The couple hosted a reception at the Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts and another for 300 guests at the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan.

The couple’s love story wasn’t quite rosy. Tamiko Bolton, who seems to prefer to be cautious, was sued in 2011 by Adriana Ferreyr, a former partner of George Soros, a former Brazilian soap opera star. She claimed in the $50 million lawsuits filed against Soros that he had promised her the $1.9 million Manhattan apartment he had given to Tamiko. To achieve her preferred goal, she began to slander Tamiko on the board of the building and later in the lawyers. It was such a hot time that Ferreyr even physically attacked Soros and his lawyers during the hearing of the lawsuit. George Soros filed a motion, still pending, to dismiss the suit.

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Tamiko Bolton Net Worth

Although the actual net worth of Tamiko Bolton is not known, according to Forbes her husband is worth a whopping 20 billion dollars. She was pretty good at her career before her marriage, but nothing to compare with the amount of luxury she now has at her feet. George Soros, who is a well-known philanthropist, is expected to leave much of his estate to various charities, but his lawyer has said that Tamiko is generously cared for even when he’s gone.

More facts

Tamiko Bolton is a partner at Soros Fund Management and sometimes accompanies her husband who speaks at world economic events.

She is a private person who avoids media appearances and keeps social media away.

It has been reported that her engagement ring was a graff diamond in platinum setting on a rose gold stripe.

At their wedding, the couple asked guests to donate to charities instead of gifts.

An exact date of birth for Tamiko Bolton has been kept the secret from the media.