Who Is This Jon Grissom Accused of Molestation By Actor Corey Feldman

Who Is This Jon Grissom Accused of Molestation By Actor Corey Feldman

Revelations of allegations of sexual violence and rape have been shaking Hollywood for some time. Many leading industrial companies, from producers to actors, are involved in scandals, while revelations keep coming and going. Actor Jon Grissom has become part of a long list of names accused of sexual indiscretion in their past.

Corey Feldman, a much younger actress, has accused Jon Grissom of sexual abuse. The younger actor worked as a child with Jon Grissom in two films. Feldman, now 46, published a seven-minute video in which he revealed information about six people he allegedly sexually abused. Feldman spoke about the subject in detail and even mentioned it in his memoirs Coreyography, which he published in 2013. He shared the hope of producing a film about his life and pedophilia in Hollywood. In his memoirs, one of the characters of the alleged perpetrators was Ron Crimson and Feldman revealed in an episode of the Dr. Oz Show that the character had actually referred to Jon Grissom.

It confirmed speculations that had been swirling since the book’s release. Feldman told Dr. Oz that the name change in the book was necessary for legal reasons, and his attorneys insisted it is changed even though he chose a name that sounded closest to Jon Grissom.

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Who is Jon Grissom?

As mentioned earlier, Jon Grissom is an actor, but below we look more closely at the life of the man who brought this serious charge against him.

Jon Grissom Early Life

Grissom was born as Cloyd Jon Grissom. He was born in Alaska but went to high school in Arizona. Although he is mostly called an actor, he actually only worked on two movies: “License to Drive” 1988 and “Dream a Little Dream” 1989. Corey Feldman and his friend Corey Haim (now dead) were both in the movies. Jon Grissom was a trustworthy friend of the fieldmen and he got the job of a personal assistant to Corey Feldman, whose career was very promising at the time.

Relationship with the Two Coreys

Jon Grissom came very close to the Two Coreys while working as Corey Feldman’s personal assistant. Feldman wrote in his book that he and Jon became friends at the age of 15 and regularly celebrated in clubs where they allegedly took drugs. Feldman claimed that he had received cocaine and crack from Jon, whereupon sexual acts were performed on him.

Problems with the Law

Grissom also seems to have had some previous disputes with the law. He has a criminal record from 2001 for arrest for child abuse. After the Dr. Oz show, a video was published showing that Dr. Oz’s legal team believed that Jon Grisson had been in prison in 2003, but also that he was a potential refugee because he never registered as a sex offender. The actor thus violates Megan’s Law, which makes it mandatory for sex offenders to register with the state.

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Active on Social Media

Although Jon Grissom has remained silent about the maternal accusations, his whereabouts are somewhat known. He is said to live in Mazatlan, Sinaloa in Mexico. He’s still relatively active on social media platforms, My Space and Facebook, and has posted images of himself and the Two Coreys from the time they all worked together. This is a particular pain point for Corey Feldman.

A Target of Public Anger

Jon Grissom was quickly attacked on social media after Corey Feldman’s allegations became public. Another Jon Grissom was unfortunately even cut into the crosshairs of public anger against the former actor just because he shared a name with him.

Meanwhile, Feldman talked to the Los Angeles police on the phone while he was on the Dr. Oz show. The troop said that although they were made aware of the situation, there was no open investigation at the time. Feldman would personally have to make a formal report if he finally wanted Grissom to be paid for the alleged lawsuits against him and the deceased Haim.