Who Is Wallace Chung, Is He Married To A Wife? His Family, Bio

Who Is Wallace Chung, Is He Married To A Wife? His Family, Bio

If you are looking for the best Chinese actors, people like Wallace Chung are certainly at the top of the list. The amazing celebrity is a multi-talented actor and singer who has excelled in the Chinese entertainment industry thanks to his outstanding show business skills. Amazingly, Chung has received numerous awards for his various film appearances as well as for his music albums. Learn more about Wallace Chung in the following

Who is Wallace Chung?

Wallace Chung is a Chinese movie star who is best known for his exceptional performances in high-profile films such as The Chord of Victory, Detective Investigation Files, and Forever Young, to name a few. In addition to his acting skills, Chung is also a talented singer and musician. He has released so many hit albums, including Most Exciting, Do You Love Him?, Soul Man and many others. Since his acting debut in 1993, the talented actor has become a prominent figure in the Chinese entertainment industry.


Wallace Wung was born on November 30, 1974, in Hong Kong, China. He is a very private person, so not much is known about his early life and educational background. However, it is known that the young actor began his acting career after completing his education in 1993. Two years later he moved to Taiwan where he started a career in music. He has Chinese citizenship and belongs to the Hakka ethnic group.

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Who Is Wallace Chung, Is He Married To A Wife? His Family, Bio
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Chung began his acting career in 1993 and had his first movie appearance in a TVB series called The Chord to Victory. Because of his love for music, he moved to Taiwan where he signed a contract with a record producer named Samuel Tai in 1995. Realizing his potential, Samuel encouraged him to sign with a Taiwanese record label called Bertelsmann Music Group (BMG). In July 1995, Chung released his first studio album, OREA, which reached number 1 in the Taiwanese music charts. Later he released another hit album called By Your Side. His sixth album, released in 1998, earned him a nomination for the Golden Melody Awards for best composition.

After gaining a foothold in the music industry, Chung decided to return to acting, which led him to move to mainland China in 1999. In the same year, he appeared in the television series called Windstorm. He was also a guest star in the Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden alongside Vic Zhou, Barbie Shu, and others. In the 2000s, Wallace Chung starred in several films including “Secret History of Kangxi”, “Royal Tramp”, “King of Shanghai”, “Too Late to Say Loving You”, “Imminent Crisis”, “The Magic Blade”, “Best Time”, “Drug War” and many others.

From 2015 to the present day, Chung’s popularity has continued to grow, and the star has appeared in blockbuster movies such as My Sunshine, for which he received an Asia Star Grand Award for best performance in a drama. In the same year, he also made his debut as a director in the film Sandglass, which appeared in Shin Terra’s 2016 film Bounty Hunters, and in the crime thriller Tik Tok.

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In the role of Chu Beijie, Chung played the lead role in the 2017 series entitled General and I. He played the lead role in the popular 2018 series such as All Out of Love and Healing Love.

Family – Is He Married to a Wife?

Who Is Wallace Chung, Is He Married To A Wife? His Family, Bio
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The great movie star comes from a middle-class Chinese family. Although his family has business roots, Chung is not so much interested in business as a career in the entertainment business. While he has chosen to keep his private life secret, Chung has an interesting love life. The news about the actor’s marital status has long dominated the media and has astonished his fans in their own speculations.

The actor is married to a lady named Rita Hsieh and they have a daughter together. Rita is a Taipei native-born in 1980, a successful fashion designer and co-owner of the Empress6 brand. Over the years, Rita has worked with famous designers such as Zhang Ziyi, Joplin, and Timmy Yip, to name a few.

The couple met a few years ago and are said to have tied the knot in 2012. Soon after they welcomed their amazing daughter. They decided to keep their relationship under the curtain to avoid media interference. Interestingly, Rita has been her husband’s stylist until now, and in 2010 she worked on his album entitled All Eyes On Me.