Who is YouTube Star Audrey Nethery? Her Age & Family Members

Who is YouTube Star Audrey Nethery? Her Age & Family Members

The world can be quite a challenge to live in, and bad news is rampant, making people look for entertainment in the form of videos that make them feel good about their existence. Although her situation is what many would call another piece of bad news, Audrey Nethery has always reminded us how beautiful life really is, no matter what challenges you face. She is also a well-known entertainer in the Internet community.

Through YouTube, Audrey Nethery became known for her dancing skills, which her parents posted on their channel Audrey Nethery. Through a combination of her cuteness, charm, and skills, she has become one of the most popular children in the world and has been involved in various charities, including one dealing with her disease – the Diamond Blackfan Anemia.

Learn more about the media personality and her life below.

Audrey Nethery Biography & Age

Audrey Nethery was born on 20 October 2008 in Kentucky, USA. Since her birth, Audrey Nethery is a special child. She was born too early with several holes in her heart. It was the first battle that Audrey Nethery fought with the help of surgery. However, despite the surgery, she still suffered from a low blood cell count and this led to the discovery of her disease, Diamond Blackfan Anemia, a condition in which the body is unable to produce enough red blood cells.

Who is YouTube Star Audrey Nethery? Her Age & Family Members
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Despite several attempts with various solutions, including a blood cell transfusion and injection of a form of steroid, prednisolone, Audrey Nethery could not defeat the disease and therefore used a combination of both solutions to sustain her life. The side effect of the solution was that it curbed Audrey’s growth, which means she still looks like an infant, even though she is much older than one.

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Despite this challenge, Audrey and her family have remained positive, strong enough to share her joy with the world. After falling in love with dancing as a child, Audrey, with the help of her parents, has hooked up with YouTube and Facebook to share her dance art with the world.

One of her favorite dance styles is Zumba dance, and the charm she exerted on people during her first Zumba dance class was recorded by her mother and uploaded to Facebook. The video was virtualized with several comments of appreciation and support from Facebook users around the world. As a result, an unknowing Zumba star was born, which is reflected in all social media. On Facebook, she has over 1.5 million followers, while her YouTube channel, named Audrey Nethery, has thousands of subscribers with several million hits. Also on Instagram, she has over 300 thousand followers.

Her popularity has earned her appearances in the Zumba communities, including at the Zumba Convention, where she signed autographs and was photographed by fans and admirers.

Besides dancing, Audrey Nethery also tends to sing and has performed several lullabies that have been featured on her social media platforms, especially YouTube.

Her popularity has been consolidated by publishing Vlog videos, dance videos, and other interesting content, sometimes featuring her family members. She has used her platform to raise awareness of her disease and has become a leading voice for the cure of Diamond Blackface Anemia.

Who is YouTube Star Audrey Nethery? Her Age & Family Members
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On all her platforms, Audrey has spread information about the disease and has also used the platform to raise funds for research organizations that are striving for a cure for the disease.

Audrey Nethery has also established a foundation, the Diamond Blackfan Anemia Foundation, which she funds with proceeds from donations and advertising revenue from her YouTube channel, which has millions of visitors and has a potential for up to $188,000 in annual earnings.

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Who Are Audrey Nethery’s Family Members?

Audrey Nethery was fortunate to be raised by loving parents who chose instead to share her joy and charm with the world rather than hide her from it because of her condition. She has Scott Nethery as her father and Julie Nethery as her mother. She is the only child of her parents.

Other Facts About Her

  1. Their popularity has spread to the website of Elle DeGeneres, which is the home of extraordinary personalities.
  2. She has a cat and dog named Harper and Butters respectively.
  3. Audrey Nethery frequently appears on the Racheal Ray Show. Her appearances are often a means for her to further raise awareness of Diamond Blackfan anemia.
  4. She is a big fan of the singer Selena Gomez, and both of them filmed together in a video.